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  1. I guess I have decided that I am done with writing songs and playing music altogether for good. Thank you all who has been there for me at times. I'm getting old and it's best for me to move on, I have a ton of songs I have written, but I just don't have the desire to complete them anymore. With my age and health failing it's best that I just put my guitar down and let go of childhood dreams I had where music is concerned. Wish you all the best ALWAYS!!!!!! Thank you all for taking the time to listen and reply to my songs and music over the years, I am sorry for the attitude at times, but growing up around a bunch of 80's hair metal attitude type of folks it makes you feel that way. Thanks again all for listening to this tune! Sorry for any drama I might have created in the past or even now with my reply here. It's time for me to move on away from music.
  2. Enjoyed hearing this one very much. Real music as it should be. Thank you for sharing the listen.
  3. Gotta cut loose, gotta cut FOOT LOOSE! LOL!!! I'm kidding.......... Enjoyed hearing this one very much, thanks for sharing. 🙂
  4. Hey, why don't you do something original like a CCR Licensed cover or something like that? 🙂 LOL! I'm kidding of course! What would put this tune over the top in my opinion would be some timely pauses making the listener wonder what was going to happen next. This is one SERIOUSLY KICK THE FREAKING BUTT SONGS! And you have OVER THE TOP TALENT!!!!!! No doubt about that at all!!! Some stops and go's here and there would make it even better. Great tune and performance!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUTSTANDING actually!!!!!! Stop and go here and there will get some attention on this song, and after you stop make sure the go is harsh with the sound, loud or outlandish or catches someones attention leaving them thinking about what the heck just happened. Just my opinion. Enjoyed hearing this one very much. Sorry to sound like a critic, but I hear things from a different perspective sometimes. Great performance and song! Keep on keeping on!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to listen and reply. It may be a bit trebly, I know I can turn down the treble on the master but I am wondering how you might fix it if there is a better way? And also, any particular part or instrument that is too trebly?
  6. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. Daryl did the mixing on this tune. It was really great to have someone playing drums for a change rather than programming them like Daryl did. Thanks again. It's always good to know what everyone hears because we don't all have great ears or speakers.
  7. Thank you for that kind comment! That is probably one of the best comments I have ever gotten, not kidding at all! 🙂 Bryan Adams and John Mellencamp are probably the two biggest influences in my life when it comes to music and songwriting. I remember as a kid listening to Bryan Adams and John Mellencamp and not knowing nothing about music and thinking how I wish I could play music and write it someday like they do. Thank you!!! 🙂
  8. LOL! What are the benefits of being in the 50's club? So far all I get is bills and flatulence from eating fried food. 🤣 Thank you for the advice on the mix. That is exactly what I am wanting to know. You mentioned you were listening on headphones. I actually have a pretty good set of studio headphones, not so much on the studio monitor speakers though. I've been listening and mixing on these Logitech speakers I got from office depot. Yeah, I know I need some better ones, hopefully I can upgrade in the future. These sound great though for listening to mixed down music, but I've come to realize that they sound great for ALREADY MIXED DOWN SONGS, not so much for mixing down songs. I have a pair of Sony MDR 7506 headphones, I know they're not the top of the line, but they're probably better than the speakers I have been using for mixing things down. So I think when I remix this I will give those a try. I'd buy some top of the line monitor speakers, but I just can't afford that right now. I always like it when people tell me what they are listening to sounds with, that means a lot, it lets me and others know by comparison what they are talking about. I'll keep that in mind on the fade out, actually, that was my idea to start with, saying "One Fine Day with the background vocals saying Don't Fade Away" and then fading out. But I didn't do that. Maybe in the next mixdown. Thanks again for all your advice and taking the time to listen and comment! 🙂
  9. Thanks for taking the time to listen my friend and the kind comments. I really do appreciate it very much. And hey, not sure if you are an Elvis fan, I am myself, but think of it this way, 56 was Elvis's break out year 1956. So turning 56 might just be yours also playing music. I know, your probably saying "CRAZY PERSON REPLYING TO ME!!!!", LOL!!! You might be right about that one. But I must say, I am thankful for every day on this earth, and considering Elvis died at the age of 42, we've both got it a lot better than him no doubt. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and reply and comment! 🙂
  10. Thanks Daryl, you are one extremely talented person!!!! Not just with your vocals but singing and music and songwriting and the instruments you play. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to work with me on this song. Not many people would do that for me, it means a lot!!!! I could write an entire album of songs featuring your voice easily given the chance. Thanks again!!! 🙂
  11. What is wrong with you? Going off topic like that by talking about a song and music and mixes and stuff like that? Kidding of course with that last comment. Thank you for the thoughts on the mix. I'm going to remix this tune, and not use so much compression and all that stuff. Honestly I have been considering just leaving it raw and simply adding an EQ on the Master and mixing it that way without all that other stuff. Because I can already see it doesn't matter how much mixing I do, open spaces with sound are better than compressed closed off room sounds. LOL! Have no idea about any of that. I'm going to try and remix it sometime soon and we'll see what happens. Thanks for the Drum being too big and crunchy in spots. I'm one of those people who plays guitar and just doesn't pay enough attention when mixing to the drummer. 😞 I should no doubt. Thanks again for listening and taking the time to reply.
  12. I was only kidding with you. 😀 Sorry, a friend of mine on another social media site with the curly hair looks a lot like her. A lot of people don't know, honestly I didn't know who Carol King was until recently. The song "You've Got A Friend" was written by her and many other hits. You've Got A Friend is a song I recently learned finger picking the guitar. Or that is tried to do so. Thanks for taking the time to listen and reply. Sorry for the attitude if I sounded that way.
  13. Thank you Lynn Wilson for taking the time to reply and listen! For various reasons some of my songs I have worked on weren't up there long for people to listen to, and I know some who have heard them say they've heard them before, but I am reworking some of them also. The reason they weren't up there long was because of a Hard drive crash, new PC, changed music host and etc.. Various reasons. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that. What I post here on Bandlab I plan on leaving there forever. My search for a music host is over. Yeah, there's some things I would change with the setup of the music host site, but it seems to be pretty solid for now. I just turned 50 last year, and I realized I have a lot to learn when it comes to music. Nothing I do will ever be perfect, but I hope my attempts reflect the emotion I try to convey in the sounds, however I may get there. Thanks again!!! 🙂
  14. That's a rather vague attempt at trying to upset me with that comment concerning the person in mind looks like a very good friend of mine from another social media site I used to frequent. Hey, don't like it, say so, don't listen if it bothers you, sorry you are upset because you don't like Carol King. Thanks for Hissening........... 🤣
  15. LOL! I know, I'm kidding also myself. 😀 - Just wanted to say, I freaking LOVE the smiley face definitions with the smileys that they've added to these forums when you add them. So many forums don't have that, it's nice to be able to see when adding a smiley what it means. The only improvement would be to add a hover over with mouse to see what it means. But it gets the job done. So Kudos to Cakewalk by Bandlab on that for the forums. It's a new forum and site. I hope everyone hits the reset button when it comes to others. I'm no pro musician, it's obvious, I just write songs and try and make something good happen with them because that's what I like to do. I don't mind critics at all, I like hearing from them. I want to make this song the best I can, not just for me but for the singer also and any song in the future that I might work with others. I am wanting to remix this song because I think it can be mixed down and sound better. Thank you for replying Leadfoot, sorry if I come across a bit harsh, I have no ill will or bad feelings towards anyone at all on the internet or forums on or off the internet. Thank you for keeping it real! 😀
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