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  1. It started crashing again, so I tried this, switched from ASIO4ALL to MME-32 Bit. Now I have a latency problem though ._.
  2. That helped, I updated Cakewalk and set in the error reporting option mentioned in the link, then put it to 1. Let's hope it doesn't go back to crash mode, thank you!
  3. The pastebin link in my top message holds some technical information. I am using Asio4All if that helps. Is there any specific information you would like to know? Or somewhere I can get an output of information? I never had this problem with any other plugin, it's specific to addictive drums 2.
  4. Recently I got Addictive Drums 2. At first it worked fine. I put drums on a project with it. I save the project, next day I open the same project again and Cakewalk crashes. I try opening the project through the file system, and it works fine. Next time I open it, same problem, I get another crash. I get the same crash, an unhandled exception C0000005 which I have read can be a lot of things but is mainly related to memory access. I tried analyzing the dump file, but I don't really find the info helpful, it refers to TT1 for some reason. I also tried running Cakewalk as an admin. I tried starting a new project and adding addictive drums as new instrument, crashes right away. I also tried relocating the 32 bit and 64 bit because it might have an effect, still nothing. I tried reinstalling addictive drums I get a warning about compatibility mode if I move/remove the vst of addictive drums, but I don't use that I uploaded the dumpfile output from an analyzer, I would upload the file itself but it's too big for the forum https://pastebin.com/kpJY4CQF Any help appreciated :).
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