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  1. Here is a link with a better image https://imgur.com/dzKAGTh
  2. Depends on what sounds you use. Which libraries do you have ? I made a concert band template but quite personnal, using a mix between EWQLSO Gold samples and Garritan COMB for saxes ans euphoniums.
  3. Hi, I was working on a project for concert band, with some samples from EWQLSO Gold, with "Play" and suddenly CbB crashed, asking me if I wanted to save my work. Here is attached the error message. Now, Cakewalk refuses to close. Thanks for your help. I have Win 10, Intel Core i7, 16 Go RAM, SSD 256 for system and HDD 1 To for sounds, and HDD 1 To for projects.
  4. That's me ! I posted on Facebook. The notifications advice didn't work, same problems ... I still have the blue circle turning and turning, like if it was in a kind of loop. I still try to use the onboard device of my brand new laptop, which is runing Under Win 10. I'll try to install my Roland Octa-Capture and see if it solves the problem. I'd like to buy a small sound card for my laptop, but I'd like to wait and see if Cakewalk works ! Else, I might return this laptop in the next days. Thanks
  5. Need your help, I just bought a new laptop to record when I’m away from my home studio, asus i7 16Go, HD 1 To, ssd 512 Go. I installed Cakewalk by BandLab like on my studio computer. When I load a demo song, I have the small blue circle which don’t allow me to play the song. Just like I have to wait but It seems to last forever. All I can do is close Cakewalk. Any idea of the problem ? I wonder if The problem comes from the laptop, do I have to send it back ? Thanks
  6. Thanks Noel, I understand what you mean, but for Windows, I don't use Roland OctaCapture at all. In the control panel, the default device is set to the onboard one. From the beginning, I never changed the sample rate. Always 44,1, either in Octacapture driver settings or in Cakewalk. The bit depth is set to 24 (it was 16 in Windows, but I changed it to match with Cakewalk. I'll check "suspend audio engine ..." to see if it works, but I think I already tried that by the past. My goal is to use Roland Octacapture just for the DAW, and only for it. So I don't want to use it in a multiclient way. Thanks
  7. Back in WDM, it works. Very surprising that I can't make ASIO running well
  8. Yes it is the same. I tried to open an old project and a demo song from Cakewalk and now I have sound. But when I open my actual project, I get this error message again Coult it be possible that I have a problem in a project ? This one uses Play by east West (3 instances) and Aria by Garritan (just a piano sound for sketching) I have 16 Go RAM. Thanks
  9. Thanks you for trying to help. The problem is I don't have any other device using my interface, no other software opened. In windows, where can I see if the sample rate is ok ? In Cakewalk, I usually set it to 44.1 Thanks
  10. I just checked again in windows, I saw that in recording, it was in 16 bits, so I set all to 24 like in Cakewalk. Once in CbB I set again to ASIO, and then ... when I play, ... NO SOUND ... Here is the screenshot, you can see signal in green, but can't hear anything.
  11. Hi Noel, Thanks for helping. Is 24 bits the best sample rate to use in a DAW ? I set Cakewalk to 24 and went to windows to set all my audio devices do 24. I first used octa-capture for both DAW and windows sound, but then, advised by Roland, I set my default board device to windows sound, and my octacapture only for DAW but that doesn't work either. I edited all I can in windows parameters to be sure that all parameters were the same in windows and in Cakewalk. I uninstalled Roland drivers about more than 20 times with no success ... Hope someone can find the problem, I'd like to have stability again, hard to work ... Thanks
  12. One last thing, I tried to go back to ASIO mode and then, as I said in a previous post, I had an error message. I decided to open CbB on an empty project, no error message. Then I loaded an old project file with some virtual instruments and audio, I could hear the music. Then, I load the project file I'm working on, and, ... guess what : No sound (but no error message). Then I went back to WDM, and ... Sound is back. I really don't understand what's happening to my system, it might be a simple thing that we don't see. Thanks to all for trying to help me.
  13. No, the Focal 50 are just plugged in my octacapture, just as monitors, not plugged in the PC.
  14. I tried to go back to ASIO mode and here is the error message again ... I attach the minidump file generated. As I see the name of the dll file, it is about the octacapture. Hymne alliance_03162019_140049.dmp
  15. Yes, that's what I've done as soon as I bought the device Here is the screenshot of the octacapture settings
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