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  1. I forgot, i also use Arturia plate reverb as my default plate reverb now
  2. I am far from an authority, but i find there are a few that I find easier to dial in sound I want. "Better" is debatable so my usage of it is more akin to "usable" than a quality issue. I find liquidsonic seventh heaven professional to be amazing and wish i owned it (i have used it at a studio i visit a lot). Valhalla vintage verb is certainly the price vs performance king imo. I find myself using Neoverb more and more. A reverb that might surprise you that i use more is Raum. I wasn't impressed at first and it still isn't my goto. I do firmly believe if I dove deeper into Melda, it may be capable of same results. I feel that way about all Melda plugins.
  3. Vastly underrated plugin. One of the truly unique plugins. Almost every highly regarded EQ on the market is either an analog emulation that relies on coloring or a very transparent eq that relies on ergonomics and pretty GUI to produce same transparency as competitors. I highly doubt a skilled person using Fabfilter, Kirchoff, MAutoDynamicEQ, or even Hornet Total EQ will yield noticably different results. I don't knock any of these products. Just mentioned b cause this one actually has a totally different capability that actually makes a lot of sense. With that said, I really need to start using this more. Thanks for the reminder this EQ is amazing.
  4. Both are occasionally available for free or some ridiculous price like $10 at some point. Audiolens is a damn good product but not something I would pay full price for. It seems like something that should be built into next version of ozone
  5. I think the le versions are amazing. The main benefit of the full versions are for people who basically want to make their own reverbs. I find the le version is better than almost every reverb I own
  6. That's what I meant. I was in transition and not thinking. Thanks for correction !
  7. I really want to upgrade my current bundle so that i have spectral layers full instead of le and mturbocomp full instead of le but most of the other things are the multiband versions of what i already have
  8. "Referencing workflow and target library operates with the following products: Ozone 10 Elements, Standard and Advanced Neutron 4 and Neutron 4 Elements"
  9. Pretty sure it works on element products too
  10. This is a limited but awesome plugin.
  11. Dave's articles always offer good balance of valid concerns that attempt to be objective
  12. I miss sonic foundry. Sony did ok, but sonic foundry had that small developer pride and hunger.
  13. Sounds like something they would do. Cakewalk is not the first company they gutted
  14. I think everyone should be rightfully pissed at gibson since they knowingly took that lifetime fee while knowing they were folding
  15. I double checked. Bandlab didn't acquire rights to cakewalk until months after they were dead. It was a resurrection rather than an acquisition that continued business.
  16. If I'm not mistaken, they acquired cakewalk after it had folded, rather than while it was active. It was dead and bandlab revived rather than took it over. I think that is a huge difference in expectations for honoring previous agreements
  17. As an owner of paid version of resolve, i can say the reason they can do that is because (like Digidesign in the early days of pro tools) is a hardware company selling software as gateway to high margin hardware. You can tell software is more of a hook Than main income source. I do think it's a q better deal than most, but possible because of unique position
  18. Please help me to understand why you think Bandlab should pay for Gibson's mistake?
  19. Renoise did get a little attention, but hardware ones seem to making a mini-comeback. The downside of software trackers are that they don't offer the freedom from computers that hardware offers.
  20. I don't think he was so much saying digital and analog made no difference but debunking Harrison's exaggerations. From a workflow stance, i think the simplicity of the default curves are more beneficial than anything unique about sound. I agree that analytical youtubers like him and other plugin doctor types often nitpick over minor things. I have not used Harrison's but other similar plugins i have found quite useful ,even if the hype is somewhat hyperbole from a technical stance. If i can get the melda plugins to sound close to the UAD ones, good enough. Cheers
  21. When phrased that way it doesn't sound so bad, but that highly depends on the model. I think Sonar's old model was better than most in that it allowed you to keep what you had paid for. Most don't. Also, your response in some ways answers the question in part. Just like leasing something like a car is not for everyone, leasing benefits certain types of customers. Leasing is awesome for a person who needs to be in the newest version at all times but not so much for the guy who is cool with the car that is paid off and runs well. Although it's true we never truly own software, the standard model at least gives the perception of ownership Another thing that is "bad" for some people about subscription models is the forced upgrade vs stability. The pricing is often compared with the assumption that people upgrade annually. Some people skip multiple upgrades if their current system is stable and the upgrades are heavily loaded with features they don't use. Sometimes the same individual can fit on both sides of that equation at different points. When I was regularly doing video production, motion graphics and photography, the adobe subscription wasn't too bad and it paid for itself. When I found myself doing less video work, it was just a costly bill that was not worth it. Davinci Resolve was a much better deal for me and for some is a better product with the exception of Photoshop. In any case, I have saved hundreds ditching Adobe. My fear is the lack of choice for subscription model. For me that is a definite dealbreaker.
  22. Notepad with Lifetime Subscription is what's up
  23. For those still salty about the lifetime license fiasco, do you really think Bandlab owes you this when it had nothing to do with them? They bought a dead product . Cakewalk literally folded and they purchased after that. It's like bugging a guy who lives in the house of a guy who owed you money.
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