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  1. I never ever recommend pro tools unless they specifically want to work in established pro tools based studio.
  2. I will try again though because I appreciate the effort
  3. I tried to like tracktion. I just don't lol
  4. I have experimented with this for cross-platform/cross-daw collaboration with this and it is not bad: https://mixedinkey.com/satellite/
  5. And I am not trying to crap on harrison. In fact when singer-singwriters come into my studio (particularly older people who grew up on consoles) and they have no interest in MIDI, I often recommend Mixbus without selling them on the somewhat placebo effect often used as a selling point.
  6. I will preface this by saying I never updated past v4 so I am far from an expert. With that said, the main appeal is the sound, which I am still not convinced is as magical as people make it out to be. It sounds good, but for me that comes down to a combination of the consistency of having same channel strip and saturation on every channel. I have templates in studio one and Cakewalk( since this is a cakewalk forum) that have simple console style channel strips on every channel and buss. Harrison even sells channel strip plug now. I have tried the bounce stems to mix in mixbus approach and the time never seemed worth it. If Mixbus did AAF import natively it would be an improvement, but as it stands, the process now involves having to delete silence on every track I import. I will occasionally mix a project I received as stems on Mixbus, but the colorization I get in Mixbus is just not worth the process to move from another DAW. Part if the results one gets when using Mixbus are a result of following a simplified workflow. This workflow can be achieved in any DAW after a one time template setup. My newest ST1 template is Amex 9099 on all channels and busses with a Softube Drawmer 1973 on my mixbus. I have Echo Boy on 2 effects sends ( one ping pong and one set to 1/8s). I have three verb sends( little plate, supermassive and stock). I also have a sort of sizzle buss with new fangled audio saturate and a high pass filter and boost( I use very little since Amek has saturation). No, it doesn't sound like Harrison , but the simplified workflow gives me something similar to what my main purpose if using Mixbus would be. I will concede that there are setups that would come closer to that sound( perhaps Harrison's strip and even that has an asterix), but my way too long point is I struggle to find scenarios that make DAW jumping a better use of time than creating your own simplified workflow where your work is already living. Here is an interesting take on Harrison's marketing:
  7. Funny intro. We have all been there. Good share. Thanks
  8. After having some real world time to incorporate everything into my workflow, I have no regrets on decision. I now have most of my templates setup with arturia synths and Kontakt. Pigments is my primary synth and Analog Lab 5 is my default when I don't know quite what I want from the beginning. I spend less time trying to decide which synths to use since there is generally a suitable placeholder that allows me to focus on creating.
  9. Same here. I have been thinking about it for awhile and knew my 29.99 would come
  10. I bit. I don't need any more channel strips, but here I am.
  11. I was annoyed when Midway got bought by a slot machine maker and they abandoned pinball. My williams games still work, but they have weird lag
  12. I remember when Propellerhead created the 303/808/909 emulation Rebirth, the reality of decent tr recreation became reality. It wasn't long after that I realized that 808 emulations were just not worth buying since the sounds have been duplicated to death and even improved by Roland and everyone else. I think a smarter strategy would be to give the 808 away the way Arturia gives away things like Juno Chorus for limited time. Just about anyone wanting an 808 doesn't really need a demo. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful. Just saying this is not really the enticement that it could be. I already know I am not buying an 808 so see no reason to go through install process
  13. It looks like a dynamically user generated collection that might make a download all somewhat complicated
  14. I keep saying I will try this, but the way my laziness is setup...
  15. dubdisciple

    NI FM8 for $12

    I find myself using it for sounds that conventional wisdom says the DX7 would be the right choice. One example is lead RnB keys
  16. dubdisciple

    NI FM8 for $12

    I have Dexed and it is awesome for free but head to head it falls very short. The $10 is an absolute and audible upgrade that is worth it.
  17. dubdisciple

    NI FM8 for $12

    I owned a cz3000 which was basically two cz1000's. I found it possible to get FM like sounds. It was also the secret weapon to getting a particular type of bass sound popularized in Jersey house. I do appreciate those DX electric pianos though.
  18. I think there is a similar nostalgia based reason for the popularity of both 303 and 808 over the years. The 808 was never really great and had a limited soundset. It was , however used in a ton of 80s and 90s music. Granted that soundset is so ubiquitous it is still used today...except for that's not entirely true. The term 808 has become one of the phrases like Jello or Zipper that is used even when we are not referring to original sound. "808s" are all over modern pop, EDM, Hip-hop , etc, but except for niche artists looking to showoff vintage gear, the sounds are made with other synths. the original 808 kick sample struggles to make melodic gliding bass sounds used in Drill or Grime. Much easier to make in Serum( or similar synth) or even a sampler. I remember when Roland owned cakewalk and reminded us that they gave us " the original samples" used from their drum sounds. I thought that was so cool ..and never used them because other products out Rolanded my original samples. people forget a lot of engineering went into getting that sound. the same tricks (layering a sub sine wave for example) sound even better with other sound sources.
  19. dubdisciple

    NI FM8 for $12

    FM8 definitely carved it's own niche that goes way beyond simply emulation. I just wonder if it's worth my while to dive that deeply into a synth when i have too many already lol. One upside of FM8 is there are a ton of resources for learning
  20. I think Juno love is more about nostalgia for genres and classic songs that used it rather than the technical capabilities of the synth itself. back before the days of having a 100 soft synths, countless aspiring dance music creators could often afford a limited setup. For those who know the history of Deep House, Larry heard created House classics like 'Can You feel it" using a Roland 707 and Juno 6. The simple bassline was the 707 triggering Juno. The simplicity of creating sound on a Juno was for many a more usable option for many compared to other budget options like casio. This also create a copycat effect. Nostalgia has a habit of giving us reverence for things that were never the sum of our adulation. I do, however find that occasionally limiting myself to the budget tools of yesteryear helps trigger my beginner mindset and sparks creativity that scarcity sometimes provides. I have a template that is basically a Juno, 909 and sampler.
  21. dubdisciple

    NI FM8 for $12

    I'm on the fence. $10 seems like a nobrainer but I honestly think that that Arturia's DX7 sounds slightly better. Other than recreating skrilex-esque bass growls, I'm unsure if it's worth it
  22. Damn. I already have PB freebie lol. I suppose it's a sign I don't need more plugins I won't use.
  23. It's really the best part of 1. I have not tried 2 yet. I was going to see which is free gift for August from PB lol
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