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  1. I forgot little plate. It has been my plate reverb since it was initially launched for free
  2. It really is powerful and unique
  3. Supermassive Vital Quiet guitar lite Chow tape Mpc beats
  4. I am not buying anything from them again until they adress customer service issues. No response. Even when ADSR forwarded email on my behalf, not even a form letter response.
  5. Interesting counter to a point I wasn't trying to make. I don't consider Mixbus a great DAW at all. I described a couple of situations that it might be a viable solution for some people. I will give two examples: 1) A gentleman I worked with last year had never used a DAW. He is im his late 60s and very set in his ways. He would prefer to use the equipment he used back in the 80s but that is not practical, especially considering he is broke. He has simple needs. He mostly was recording guitar, vocals and basic mixing at most elementary level. He was using his own outboard effects pedals. I presented him free options ( cakewalk and studio one prime) and lowcost options ( reaper and mixbus). The console like appearance of mixbus in default state appealed to him the most. He's never going to add a VST . Anything not visible on initial opening is not getting used. Psychologically, the illusion of familiarity worked for him, even though I believe studio one prime would be easiest for most im his position. 2) A friend has been creating hip-hop using hardware MPC for decades. No interest in learning a DAW except on most basic level. His complaint was that he wants to mix stems in DAW, but wanted it simple and cheap and wanted an analog type sound. I won't get into the marketing claims of how mixbus sounds other than to say that people claim they hear something reminiscent of analog. Weighing the truth of that for $19 or even $49 is better than spending more to test marketing claims. By no means am i claiming Mixbis was BEST solution for either. It simply was one they felt fit their needs.
  6. This is an awful pickup for someone looking for guitar sounds. As a module for "sounds" to be used in trap it is ok for free I suppose. Just not something I would buy. It offers a sound too easily achievable with freebie products or even stock DAW plugins.
  7. Aren't all words technically made up?
  8. For me the 8 bus thing was never a major limitation. My soul issue with mixbus is I NEVER find myself wanting to transport an entire session into another DAW. I create templates and stuff to speed up workflow. This seems counter to that, but I always flirt with the idea mentally without ever following through.
  9. I think we are misunderstanding each other and i sill start by clearing up the initial point of confusion. First, I never said "this was just loops". I said it seemed like a stretch for ONE loop because that was impression I got. I wasn't arguing anything since I made it clear that I was not 100% clear what the product actually contained. From my initial impression it seems like one drum loop chopped with a midi file variation of funky drummer. I could be completely off on that. I already have several variations of funky drummer with midi file within addictive drums along with god knows how many raw variations ranging from rex files to mapped kits in geist and mpc. Again, I am still referring to what value it would be for me and everything you are saying seems to be confirming that. I am not trashing the product or claiming it has value for no one.
  10. I think that's kind of my point. If these are not meticulously sampled, for many this is beyond redundant. For me(and of course I realize others are not in same position), $15 is not a value for something I already have equivalent versions of. If someone finds value in it, I certainly would not dissuade them. I just could not find value for myself and was seeing if I was missing something. Thanks for confirming it's exactly what it seems to be.
  11. I have thought of buying just to support them despite being unlikely to use.
  12. I see this as a great solution for: 1)people who grew up mixing on consoles and have little to no interest in midi. It is a virtual equivalent of a Harrison Console recording to a multitrack tape machine with as many tracks as your computer will handle. 2) Contrary to what was said, this is actually a great DAW for beatmakers but for the type that prefer specialized tools or hardware to do so. Some of the biggest names in hip-hop and EDM use hardware workflows ( Kanye still uses MPC hardware and sometimes even ASR10). For the hardware or for someone creating in something like MPC software ( not an environment you want to mix or arrange in) or even Geist, this might pair nicely and give the exact warmth these kind of producers seek but sometime struggle to obtain in more popular DAWs. 3) singer/somgwriters who are simply tracking things to be mixed elsewhere. I own v4 of this and have not thought to upgrade because I have never used the previous 4 versions i bought. I do think it's worth fwr more than $19.
  13. Can't go wrong with funky drummer, but even on sale, $15 seems like a stretch for one loop most of us have 100 versions of already. Unless I am misunderstanding what product is, hard to see the value.
  14. I have never been able to get it to install in cakewalk by bandlab
  15. I this all the time. Great price
  16. Nothing wrong with Air synths. Hybrid is a decent workhorse synth and is highly capable in right hands. One of my favorite synths ( after it sat for years unused) is Loom/II.
  17. The site absolutely sucks to navigate
  18. I like their plugins. I own a few and use them regularly. Their marketing focuses on "lo-fi" and ambient type music, but they can be used in a number of genres like neo-soul and modern RnB.
  19. i just paid the 3.99. once i spend more than 5 minutes to save a $1 i am kind of losing money if you regard time as money
  20. I have live lite. Just wanted the tutorial content since most tutorials are for full
  21. it fixed it for me :( i really wanted a festivus miracle
  22. Will look into this today. I think my library does
  23. I was thinking the same thing but right on cue, I loaded up a vocal that had notes show up as greyed out polyphonic sounds but were actually noise. If i had editor i could have just deleted that "note". I have rx but this seemed easier and far more intuitive. Still on fence
  24. I like the idea because I definitely have more faith in buying from software hoarders we know and love like Bapu and Larry than sketchy Russian bots on kvr. At the same time, the same reasons I would rather buy from people I have posted with for years is the exact same reason Bandlab may have for not opening door to such elements.
  25. I upgraded to melodyne assistant the other day and i really wish i had went all the way to editor. Maybe this is a sign
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