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  1. I have been seeking a drum and sampling solution within cakewalk for years that did not involve paid software. My reasons for this involve trying to help kids get started who may be low on funds. Cakewalk is a little daunting for young users who are accustomed to seeing Ableton or FL Studio in action, and make no mistake, these are exactly the tools they see their favorite pop songs being created on. However neither are free. MPC beats is free but is limited as a stand alone DAW. As a drum sampler module it has lots of potential and the audio track limit becomes insignificant. Unfortunately, for the beginner setup within DAW can be a little tricky. To ease that process , I have been working on a template that includes individual outputs within cakewalk. It works fine, but when I attempt to open from scratch it hangs when I attempt to select track with Beats. After weeks of frustration, i figured out I can get it to work if I open project in safe mode. needless to say, that is not a workflow i want to give kids if i am trying to create a more intuitive workflow. Anyomne have success creating a project template with Beats?
  2. I still use Z3ta+2. I think it would make a great bundled synth, especially if they make interface resizable
  3. I no longer can access start screen
  4. silly me didn't search before posting same thing
  5. I could be reading you wrong, but having a baked in sampler is very different than using a third party. i have several third party samplers and the workflow is just not the same. This is va primary reason why it has always been a hard sell for me to get yot hto use cakewalk
  6. ADSR sample manager grew on me. I hate that loopcloud does no allow you o use your credits unless you have a paid membership.
  7. I have been telling cakewalk they need a sampler since Sonar 6. Third party solutions are great, but a sampler that is integrated into DAW workflow is more efficient. I rely on third party samplers like Searato for features that are more specialized, but having and idea slowed by workarounds is a creativity killing process. For example: If I find myself inspired by a loop in Studio One or Ableton, i can have it chopped and mapped in sampler or drum machine in two clicks. No need to even pause unless desired task is more advanced. Trust me when i say this is so much faster. Momentum is nice but it's a sledge hammer for thumbtacks when it comes to basic sampling needs. ADSR is more of a library than a sampler and also has it's own issues (like sample folders suddenly becoming greyed out and unavailable) Using something like FL Studio as a plugin is possible but the workflow can be kind of frustrating. I have been working on a template for MPC beats in cakewalk that is a little less awkward, but unfortunately sometimes cakewalk fails to load it properly.
  8. This is no so much a feature but a general request to include a basic synth. My son has ben trying every free DAW. He liked a lot about Cakewalk, bu one of the things he does with every DAW he tries is to see how quickly he can create a song using just stock plugs and instruments. With cakewalk, the instruments were he one area Cakewalk gets blown out in. No synth at all is bad move. Even partnering with a third party to include their free synth as part of download bundle would be a win win. The drum module is useless as well. I know there are lots of freebies available, but i think even most basic offering would be a big boost
  9. I'm actually about to watch it again
  10. Unfortunately some programs require an asio driver, even if it's a fake asio driver.
  11. I have not tried that yet. will check it out. Thanks.
  12. Kontrol is far from perfect but there is at least a chance of growth. They have made big changes to maschine software in last couple of years. I have pondered getting komplete ultimate just to get full Kontact but that is all i want at this point. I hate that inMusic removed akai and alesis forums that had VIP map exchange. Do you know of another source hat has maps available? the system for creating them sucks and autoimport does not seem to work well with most products. Do you also own VX49? I think you may have mentioned it back on old cakewalk forum
  13. VIP is is a risky choice for such things. 1) it is abandonware. It has not been updated in forever. Akai clearly stopped making products that integrate it 2) Most features are a crapshoot, working fine with some products like the equally abandoned legacy air products. 3) other products do what it claimed to offer better Native Instruments kontrol system worked much better for me. Grannted , it was limited to NI products and partners like Arturia and AAS, but I can pull up, audition presets without touching computer for tons of products consistently including expansions. The fact that VIP doesn't support VST3 even after Steinberg pulled plug on VST is very telling. I'm not saying don't get it, but keep expectations low.
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