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  1. A word or title in all caps is emphasis. All caps for multiple paragraphs is attention whoring.
  2. I find most free sample packs are leftover midgrade samples that companies excluded from release or tiny sampling of commercial products. These are usable
  3. Caps don't offend me so much as they further reduce the already challenging task of inflecting tone and context when communicating via text. Capitals and lowercase exist for a reason. It helps us to identify proper nouns, acronyms and other sight cues. It's not the end of the world if someone types in CAPS, but it often goes along with personality traits that could be a red flag. Obviously this is not always true. I do tend to ignore most posts in all caps because in my experience there is little fruitful discussion to be had with people insistent on typing that way.
  4. Thanks. I am pretty patient and try to give small developers some leeway
  5. I might go that route since Natan ignores my emails
  6. Nice freebie, but pretty sure they announced this about 5 years ago
  7. Figured that but never hurts to ask
  8. As in for all products or just Nugen?
  9. I got it as a freebie and have no idea what it does. Maybe it's a plugin designed to make you guess
  10. Not sure my woman would accept such a strong commitment to WUP.
  11. Confused. Wasn't there always a trial?
  12. can you use jam points on top of discount?
  13. This is super tempting. For those who use both, how does this compare to addictive drums Is it worth it if you already own AD?
  14. It seems like Slate has been really pushing to include more tiers of customers lately
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