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  1. I'm not sure if that's true. I bought one of these bundles a couple of years ago and soundforge was a couple back but came with standard set of add-ons even though these things were not listed individually. You are right that they gave separate serial for it, just like when you buy it regularly.
  2. @Brian Walton sadly I agree. Like you, I have always felt empathy for those who have been begging for staff view improvements, while feeling it would be an impractical allocation of resources that ignores the needs of things more in demand
  3. dubdisciple

    Melda 11

    Oops..i misread "autoequalizer" and thought it said "autodynamic". My fault
  4. dubdisciple

    Melda 11

    MAutodunamic EQ is not only the best bang for the buck at this price, it can emulate any of the eqs found in Melda'sTurboEQ. Oops...wrong eq
  5. Does anyone knows how this compares to the melda hack version posted by Paul the third?
  6. This version of autotune is trash, even on sale. I for it for free and still don't use it.
  7. I still use AD 1 and it still slaps. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Maybe if I did more rock or folk stuff I might see it differently.
  8. Just to be clear, graillon is not better or even equal to autotune. If you have a lot of rappers or modern rnb/trap based pop singers to record, it will pale in comparison, but it is great if you only have occasional needs for the effect
  9. Was not aware since I am on windows. Even more reason to give Graillon a look as a budget alternative. I blame apple for making software companies jump through hoops. I use both windows and mac and it it sometimes frustrates me that i go through this with mac every few months but i have windows vsts that i originally got for win 7 that stull work.
  10. Graillon is one of the better autotune alternatives imo. It has a very warm sound compared to other autotune type plugins. I think crispy tuner (when bought in sale) is a better deal than regular price graillon, but still an option.
  11. Thanks. Almost forgot. I definitely need a drive for this
  12. This is one of the greatest tests of gas resistance ever. 69.99 for all of this seems crazy to pass up, yet i know i don't need it. I will likely grab because ik has been great to me over the years.
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