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  1. This is awesome. I have not used Modo drums because i missed the window
  2. I was able to activate using Cakewalk. Totally failed with Studio One
  3. I found the activation works in some daws and not others
  4. For some reason it wouldn't activate in studio one but worked when i activated in cakewalk
  5. I'm glad i already own that stuff. Installs are insane
  6. I wasn't referring to a sale. I was talking about lowering in general. Fwiw, it takes months of regular use to get a workflow that shows true value. It's retail is actually underpriced. It is best product of it's kind but doesn't follow the lead of companies like Fabfilter or Omnisphere.
  7. I think it's more of the marketing ploy of offering really good freebie and follow up with "cross grade" pricing
  8. I think they would be crazy to lower price . It is s already arguably the best price to performance paid plugin imo. Threads like this do make me fear that more and more will revert to subscriptions. Nobody wants to pay for softtware
  9. I wo I just realized someone already beat me to it
  10. I still plan on listing instruments. Having trouble retrieving my password
  11. Funny you said that. It turns out i have another from them and they are all kinda similar. good freebie though. i will get this one and still post which instruments it uses
  12. I think i have this. Will check when i get home. If it is what i think it is, it's damn good for contemporary RnB and lo-fi. I'll post which instruments it uses
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