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  1. Trap has simple sound needs that make it an especially suitable genre for freeware. There are a lot of choices, but here are a few possibilities I swear by for freeware trap production: Synths Vital - Freeware wavetable synth on par with commercial synths. Simple interface with lots of free trap presets available. An alternative is Surge XT. Also free and actually more powerful but a bit more complicated. Instrument sounds Spitfire offers BBC Discovery for orchestral sounds. Small subset of their larger offerings but more than good enough for trap. Spitfire also offers their free labs series which has a wide range of traditional and not so traditional instruments. A few quality piano and keys. Ik multimedia - sample tank and syntronik free versions. The sounds are a bit thin compared to instruments like omnisphere, but they are fine for trap and you can always layer. Kontakt player includes some decent stock instruments ranging from band to vintage that are very usable. Drums Sitala is simple but free. For trap drums you typically need only snare, clap, closed and open high hats and a few perc sounds. Another option is MPC Beats. I find it more useful for boombap or griselda/alchemist type sample based beats but it really can be used for anything. It does have a higher learning curve but offers much more. Effects- the Meldaproduction free bundle covers tons In addition i recommend the tdr nova dynamic eq The airwindows plugins are as no frills as they get but excellent Freeclip by venn is also something useful for trap
  2. Cool that they addressed a bug specific to Cake by Bandlab
  3. I was hoping updating to NA2 would fix my preview issue
  4. I'm kinda proud that I have not talked myself into buying FM8. $10 is such a no brainer, but for once "$10 is 5-6 tacos at taco truck" is winning out. The fact that neither of these freebies screams must have helps
  5. Two distinct products.that link is to polyspace. They are giving away space
  6. Nothing. it can be awkward for some though. the stock plugs sucked. at least in previous versions
  7. Dubstep was amazing until it got narrowed into thousands of guys imitating the worst cliché elements.
  8. Cakewalk as is was never going to be appealing to mac users enough to offset expense of conversion
  9. I never minded that CW wasn't cross-platform. In my experience, Mac users that truly find a program useful will just buy a cheap pc . Tons of FL user did this for years and some still do since mac version can be a little odd.
  10. I used to work for a herman miller dealer and one of the things I noticed is that people will sit in an aeron chair, not realizing that a reputable dealer is going to adjust chair so that it conforms to your exact body. It still may not be your preference, but you will have a much more accurate sense of what you are making decision based on.
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