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  1. I have been on fence about buying ezbass . if this was included, it might make ,me lean towards it
  2. Describing their plugin is a challenge because even their descriptions are cryptic. The three plugins in the bundle are: Mishby- It's a kinda distortion glitch, nightmare something with equal parts satan and Unicorn tape saturation Dumpster Fire is what imagine Chthulu's farts sound like Backmask is a reverser but with extra ffjdsfgdsuyiuydsui These are certainly nothing anyone needs except for those who need them! Great for sound designers. here is ADSR's description: Freakshow Nightmare Effects Bundle Freakshow Industries is opening the portals to another dimension with this disgusting bundle. Cult hysteria, demonic entities, just gross stuff. If you can stomach the GUI's, you'll find some nasty effects to make your Halloween Sounds terrifying. https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/freakshow-industries-freakshow-nightmare-bundle/ In one of the weirdest marketing schemes, they offer the option to steal and will give you a license for free after letting you know you are a horrible human being.
  3. Weird twist to this thread. All the drama aside, the more i look at this, the more it sounds like a product for people who don't actually make hip-hop and have not listened to it in the last 40 years. Might be good for very retro hip-hop from mid 80s
  4. I say that because every demo I have heard sounds like the awful "hip-hop" presets that are clearly made by someone who doesn't make hip-hop so i was hoping someone would take it or a spin that didn't sound like borderline mockery
  5. Never tried it. Always have been skeptical of instruments with genre in name or attempts to sound "urban". With that said, I have seen a few of these turn out to be decent. Let us know how it performs
  6. Has anyone done a comparison to bertom? I have found that to be useful
  7. Agreed. I passed up deals on it a few times and then finally used demo and was very impressed
  8. I was skeptical but this is an amazing plugin. It works with any midi file. You can make your own midi files, open them up and chop up your own arrangements like samples, creating interesting takes on your own compositions. Using it with scaler is amazing since you can transpose your rearrangement on the fly to any key or inversion variation on the fly.
  9. I can't draw worth ___ ! 😂😂 My EQ will curve will look like sonic Parkinson's.
  10. Ok..what the @$! does this eq do that is different than my other 50 eqs?
  11. thanks. didn't realize i was not logged in
  12. Ah. I better check. I was on another device
  13. Did the prices change on some products? I could have swore arc 3 with mic was 149?
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