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  1. I paid $270 when I purchased it back when it was released. I think I got $20 off for being a loyal customer- so this is a really great price.
  2. OUT NOW: GAMELAN for Kontakt Retail by Sample Logic – 64% OFF! Here: http://bit.ly/audioplugins You Save $210
  3. 🔥Get Free Trial 👉 https://bit.ly/ADSRshop Also get a FREE $49 PLUGIN With your Purchase! Read More About it Here: https://samplesoundreview.com/2022/05/new-release-adsr-drum-machine.html
  4. SAMPLE AUDIO DEALS - MAY 2022 All Deals will be Updated on the DEALS PAGE at Sample Sound Review Here: https://bit.ly/SampleAudioDeals
  5. https://www.samplesoundreview.com/2022/05/new-release-astralis-by-tom-wolfe-for.html
  6. Since Time+Space closed I have been waiting for to hear back from them. They said they were going to give all of us access to our orders- but I'm guessing they just said ***** it- anyone heard anything ? Not sure if I have everything backed up, because I have had multiple hard drive crashes- it would be nice to see since I have spent thousands of dollars over the years.
  7. I totally recommend getting this Bundle at this price- it's a great value. Get Bundle Here: http://bit.ly/vstdeal
  8. Get 50% Off Musical Sampling Available Here: https://bit.ly/PulseAudioStore
  9. NEW RELEASE: WINDS BOUTIQUE by RAST BOUTIQUE https://www.samplesoundreview.com/2022/04/new-release-winds-boutique-by-rast.html
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