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  1. Hi Mark, Thanks so much for your follow-up comment !! I will apply the update 1 once it is released.
  2. Thanks scook for giving me your insight quickly. I really appreciate your support. I did rollback to 2021.01 for now. Both issues have been gone and I can continue my work. Note: The example of Issue 2 was wrong but it seems the issue at other place in other song is gone now.
  3. Hi Expert, I have 2 issues which prevent me from recording my guitar track and I suppose those issues may come from a same root cause. I still don’t know how to fix them and so really need help from product experts !! Issue 1: When I started the recording from the start time 37:01:000 for example, the audio clip created starts from 37:01:288. When I play the audio track, that doesn’t fit in what other tracks play. So I need to move the clip to the start 37:01:000. Issue 2: To begin with, when I open my existing project files, the start point of the existing audio clip has been moved to 5:04:720 for example. The original start point of the clip was 6:01:000. I didn’t move the clip manually. For both issues, there are some facts below. - Staff view displays the notes and positions correctly. - Even if I have Issue 2, playing the song has no problem and I can export the correct song. - Only change on my PC before/after the issue happened has been switching my display from 24 inch (1920 x 1200) to 27 inch (2560 x 1440) this week. Display scaling is 100%. - I am using Release 2021.04. - EnableWin10DPIAwareness=1 couldn’t solve the issues. Thanks and regards, Junichi
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