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  1. I'm not really sure how to figure out which one is causing the problem and how to solve those problems
  2. Oh my settings probably reverted back to WASAPI, I was using ASIO before. 1- What is your Master Buss Output sending to - Your computer speakers ( on board audio ) or your Zoom audio interface ( ASIO ) . My output is sending to my audio interface, but I've tried disconnecting it to see if there was a difference in audio and there wasn't 2- Are you using the same speakers/ headphones to listen. I swapped between the headphones and speakers on playback to see if there was a difference
  3. I've just been pressing the play button in cakewalk to listen to what I've recorded
  4. The audio is slightly distorted and the audio input is low. It's not noticeable with distorted tones but with clean tones it is, especially with reverb.
  5. I use an HX STOMP to record my guitar into my laptop via USB. The tone is great monitoring through the HX stomp, but monitoring through cakewalk and on playback of recordings the audio is much lower quality. Any way to fix this? My driver mode is ASIO, my audio drivers bit depth is 24, my sampling is 4800, and my buffer size has been moved to the far right.
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