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  1. @azslow3 I just installed your WebTransport miniserver. While the UI, um, perhaps could use a bit of improvement (it's not super mobile optimized), the functionality really, truly ROCKS! Thanks a lot for that one!
  2. On that topic, by the way: I see that Behringer X-Touch Mini and Korg NanoKontrol 2 are similarly priced, any recommendations as to one or the other?
  3. Awesome guys, thanks for the ultra fast replies! I'll look into the solutions shown. Maybe a(nother) dedicated MIDI controller is the way forward, the two I have really aren't very suitable for transport queries.
  4. Hello cakewalkers, I'm somewhat new to DAWs and Cakewalk, but have been reading a bit on it so I'm not totally lost when using the program. There's something I'm unsure about how to do and could use some help. I have a pretty simple use case: I would like to be able to use an app (preferably free) for my Android phone to remote control Cakewalk while recording vocals. Just basic transport stuff - record, stop, play, rewind. No piano, drums etc., I already have MIDI controllers for that stuff. Preferably over wifi/bluetooth but plugging in a USB cable can work as well. Having googled the subject a bit, I'm not sure what the "standard" is for doing what I feel should be a somewhat common scenario. I see various solutions like EUCON, Open Sound Control and just sending a regular MIDI signal, but I can't figure out what the most straightforward and common way to do this for CbB is. If it turns out there's no out of the box solution to this, I'd like to know what protocol should be used for this and maybe I can tinker something together that will work for me and possibly others. Kind regards, Jacob
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