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  1. Hi, What I want to say is that I have been using cakewalk's software for more than 20 years, even longer. Every time to upgrade, I am grateful for it. I have been favoring it since the age of cakewalk 3.0. At that time, few people in China would use such software. Everyone is very strange to it, but curious, but also do not know how to use it.I have done some composing work before. Many people around the world, like me, may need 32-bit systems, mainly for the use of IC programming technology. I find that in this industry, many people still use 32 bits. A few years ago, the relevant cakewalk version 9.0, to progress, people's ideas also need to progress, but the old program has not been updated, still need the old 32 bits, is the need for work. Software is not only used in compilation, all walks of life do not need it to use 32 bits, just for the need, this is the reason for 32 bits. In addition, I also need 64 bits. I can still work on 64 bits, high-performance computer systems for orchestration.
  2. No 32bit for Windows 10? I really need 32 bits on Windows 10.
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