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  1. I’m also experiencing this with Soundtoys 5.4.1. Hoping they fix it soon as I can’t really use any of their plugins despite having the entire bundle.
  2. Has this been resolved? I've also started to experience crackling sounds recently in my projects. My CPU will hover around 30% usage but the engine load in Cakewalk will go over 600% in some cases. I've really had to strip down my projects to the bare minimum of instruments and plugins and even that doesn't solve the issue sometimes. Are there any setting I can change to get around this? I'm using the latest version.
  3. I've recently been getting this error both when I start a new project or open an old one, which prevents me from recording in 48khz as I usually do. When I go into to settings to try and change it back I get this error again. I thought that it might be due to another program using my interface at the same time but closing all other programs and restarting doesn't seem to fix the issue. I usually record in 48khz 24bit. My interface is capable of 96khz 24bit. I appreciate any help.
  4. The only workaround I have found is to delete the Massive X folder at this file path before launching Cakewalk. You must do it every time before launching Cakewalk or Massive X will be reset again. C:\Users\owner\AppData\Local\Native Instruments
  5. Midway through working on a project I stopped being able to hear any audio unless the track/s were solod. Basically if I want to hear the entire mix I need to toggle global solo or solo the master bus. There is no audio being detected by any track unless it's solod. I have tried restarting but to no avail. It must be something simple but I can't work it out. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  6. So it turns out it was a problem caused by a Windows update. I had to uninstall the interface and its driver, restart, then reinstall which fixed the issue. Hope anyone that has this issue in the future sees this so they don't waste time going through the wrong settings like I did!
  7. Yes, I tried that and I get sound through using WASAPI, but no luck with ASIO. I've been using the interface with ASIO for years and it was fine up until last night and then this morning I launch Cakewalk and it's no longer working, which is why I can't work out what the problem is.
  8. I'm getting this error message when I launch cakewalk. It was working fine until yesterday and I haven't had this issue previously. Rebooting the system and uninstalling and reinstalling the device doesn't work. The interface is working though because I can play audio through it except in Cakewalk as it no longer detects it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Just wondering if someone could explain the difference between sending to an aux track vs a stereo bus. eg. If I wanted to blend a delayed vocal track with the main vocal, would I be better using a post fader send from the main vocal track to a delay effect on an aux track or stereo bus? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. @Noel Borthwick Thank you for the reply. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you mean by "reference test project". Should I upload my project here? Yes, I am using the latest version of Cakewalk and Massive X. This issue happens even if I only have a single track in the entire project, as long as that track is an instance of Massive X.
  11. I have already posted about this issue in the Native Instruments forum but no one seems to be able to help me and it doesn't seem to be a problem others are experiencing with the latest version. Basically every time I load a project, if there were any instances of Massive X they would all be reset to init, meaning I lose all the work I've done tweaking each instrument. I only have this problem with Massive X but I'm wondering if there is a setting in Cakewalk that could be causing this information not to be saved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks, this helped with the export issue, but Cakewalk still thinks my project is over 12 hours long. Still can't work out why.
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