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  1. Even though I've managed to do with the export problem (just by selecting what to render) I'm still curious about how to reduce the project duration. It's been said several times that "ghost" events may be added somewhere by the end of the project and that this events (automation nodes, tempo events, markers, whatever...) make the project duration so large. The problem is that those "ghost" events don't appear at any "inspection view": neither on the track view (all automation and takes tracks expanded) nor on the event list so, how can this events be identified?
  2. Thanks all for your comments. I think that I have identified the problem and some kind of work-arround to solve it. I'd try to explain while answering your comments back: 1) No, it is not a typo. Actually, to make a test, I let cakewalk rendering the mix of "what I supposed to be a 3 minutes length" to a wav file at Monday, 22.00 and next day by 20.00 it haven't ended yet... 2) Then, I wrote to support@cakewalk.com telling about my issue and quite quickly they asnwered back (lit): "Thanks for reaching out. So sorry for the trouble. We are in the midst of investigating all the bugs reported so far with the new update and working to release a new hotfix for it soon. For now, please revert back to version 2021.01 by running the rollback installer". And so I did: rolled back the update, but the problem wasn't solved 3) Finally, as both Noel and scool said, I made the Export Module visible in the modules bar (I use to work on a Surface so I usually have most of the modules hidden due to lack of space in my screen) and, surprise: what was supposed to be a 3 minutes length project, actually is 08:26:41:14!!!!!!! So, easy way to have the project's mix rendered to a file is just selecting the section that you want to export and voilá!, mix is renderd in less than half a minute. Now, my question is: I've been using cakewalk for almost 20 years... (since it was named Cakewalk Pro Audio v6, before SONAR1...) and I can't remember a single time I've had to worry about selecting the length of the project before rendering it (as usually happens with other DAWs such as ProTools or Logic) so why is it now happening that Cakewalk is extending the project duration so much? I haven't been able to find out any event by the end of the last recorded data... Hope this helps. Thanks again for you comments. Regards, Á
  3. Yes, I talking about rendering the mix to an audio file... Wave format (also tried with MP3), full mix, enabling and disabling all possible combinations of plugins, effects, etc... It also happens with simple two audio tracks projects, raw tracks, with no effects on...
  4. I wish I could do the mix with my wetware but I'm afraid that I need the software
  5. Dear all, Any of you may have the same problem: once updated to the last Cakewalk version available, mixing times are taking too long (i.e.: 3 minutes song, with 5 midi-tracks and 1 audio-track is taking more than 24 hours to complete the audio mix) Is anybody having the same trouble? Does anybody how to fix this? Regards, Álvaro
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