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  1. The following is for anyone who finds themselves here who might benefit from some more detail and also perhaps to clear up some confusion evident in some of the responses above: I am troubled that my intention was not clear to everyone - I posted an account of my experience with a Bandlab program*. I wish I had seen such an account before I put so much time into what turned out to be a program suffering from too many malfunctions to safely use. I was not asking for help and the tone of my message was that of caution and nothing else - I clearly explained what I was using, what I was using it for, and what did not work. It was a warning to not try to use the Bandlab DAW program that runs in Chrome for anything but the most simple of projects and then only those you are comfortable with maybe turning out too mangled to salvage. *Yes, it is not called Cakewalk, but if is from the same owner and has a lot in common with the installable Cakewalk program and users of both programs, particularly new users, will find overlap in their respective groups, particularly from traffic sent via Google searches.
  2. TL;DR means Too Long; Didn't Read. It tells the reader that the whole thing can be distilled to a single, vague thought. It's ubiquitous and it never occurred to me that anybody wouldn't know what it means. I don't understand most of these comments. I specifically said I am using the web version. I also specifically said the Windows version I installed does not work. Bandlab evidently now owns CW and the desktop and web version are about the same other than a wide feature gap. I, too, have been using CW on and off for years and that's why I thought this would be a good choice. I've never encountered a DAW that randomly shifted tracks out of sync like this. I managed to get my current project okay for volume and everything is usually synchronized when I play it in the editor but when I export the song, random tracks are out of sync. Freezing tracks doesn't seem to help. The Packard Bell computer from Circuit City my family had in the nineties had no trouble handling a dozen tracks when running ACID, so it's difficult to believe this program is working as intended on my system. I feel mostly hostility from those who responded, particularly those who don't seem to have read my post or did not understand much of what I said, so I will discontinue my association with this place. Thank you all for making me just a little less happy. 😞
  3. TL;DR: Do not trust the web version with a project with more than two or three tracks or you will likely end up where I am now - hours wasted and virtually nothing to show for it... I regret trying to use Cakewalk in Chrome. It stutters a lot while recording, for example, guitar. Further, volume settings do not stick and that makes it impossible to produce anything. Whether I freeze or not freeze all tracks but the one I'm trying to adjust, random tracks jump around in volume from inaudible to speaker-shattering. Sometimes volume changes I make to a track survive playback, but mostly they randomly change. Don't think you can make a MIDI drum track with separate objects for each measure - the stuttering is incredible and makes it mandatory to freeze the drum track, which takes several minutes. The drums also go out of sync randomly when not frozen. I wrote a new song I was excited to record and I foolishly tried to use the current versions of Cakewalk. Alas, the desktop version simply does not work at all (it launches but I get a spinning blue 'wait' mouse pointer circle that never changes) and the web version is too buggy to use. It makes me sad because I put ten or twelve hours into this project already and the best I can hope for is to export the individual tracks and try to get them into a separate project with my old copy of Sony Music Creator, which does everything right and has never let me down. For the record, the problem is not that my computer can't handle it - it has a 9700K and 32GB of memory. I never thought I'd use that much RAM until Bandlab assistant used almost 22GB after I had tried to close it and I had to use Task Manager to stop it. Seriously bad and dangerous programs; I wish I had not tried them.
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