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  1. Hi Everybody, This is a blues number off of my double album "Relics". Any comments and critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14031763
  2. Cool song - I'm not familiar with the original. The mix sounds great - very nice job there. It's interesting in your blog how you moved to Presonus after the Gibson fiasco - at the time I just decided to wait to see what was going to happen - I'm glad I did because I love using Cakewalk.
  3. Bajan Blue - thanks for giving my song a listen - yeah I like the Tone Beast - I've only had it a couple of months so I'm still learning how to use it properly. Wookiee - Thanks for listening and for commenting. bjornpdx - Thanks for giving my song a listen, I appreciate it.
  4. Douglas Kirby


    That was very cool - quite futuristic. The mix sounds quite nice to my ears - good job there - I felt like I was floating through space as I listened.
  5. Thanks for giving my song a listen.
  6. Cool song - I really liked the lead guitar - sounded excellent. I liked the lead vocal as well. The mix sounded quite nice to my ears.
  7. DeeringAmps - Hey Tom - thanks for giving my song a listen. DavidSprouse - Thanks David - I appreciate your ears. By the way, what pic are you referring to? The pic for the song is the beach in Westerly - taken by my brother.
  8. Good song - and I liked the title "Spring Morning" because that describes the vibe of this - very cool. I thought the mix sounded fine.
  9. That was impressive - I enjoyed the listen quite a bit. You have a talent for composing.
  10. Hi Everybody, This is a new track on a new album I'm working on called "The Westerly Sessions Vol. I". Any comments and critiques are welcome. By the way, I sang the lead vocal with an AT4040 through a Warm Audio Tone Beast (I just bought it used recently - I really like it). The acoustic guitar is a Guild OM-140 recorded with a Studio Projects B1 mic. The lead guitar is a Fender Strat through THU. The drums are EZDrummer. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14050133
  11. I think it's a cool song - I enjoyed your vocal - and the lyrics were quite good. The mix sounds pretty good to me - no crits. I really liked the tone of the acoustic guitar - it sounded quite nice in the mix. Nice job overall.
  12. I enjoyed that very much - an impressive collaboration. The mix sounded quite nice to my ears - no crits.
  13. A cool rocker with a cool groove - good job as always. I always enjoy your drum tracks - you do quite nicely there.
  14. I enjoyed the song Lynn - and as always I liked your vocal. It sounds like a pretty good mix to me - plenty of clarity for all the instruments with depth. I liked the tone of the lead guitar on the solo - sounded cool. The piano sounded quite nice as well. Nice job on the lyrics too.
  15. Good job Barry - that's a really good song - I enjoyed the listen. Very sad song - but excellent lyrics. Regarding the mix - you're vocal is way up front and everything else is way back - but maybe that's what you want.
  16. That's a cool track - I enjoyed the intensity of it. I thought the drum track sounded fine - I saw you mention that you want to get a real drummer on this. I enjoyed the video as well - nice job.
  17. I like this one Wookiee - I always enjoy your stuff - it's unique in its own way.
  18. Good job Bjorn - you should do some more of this type of composing- it sounded quite good to my ears.
  19. Thanks for listening Bjorn - yeah, I like the acoustic version too.
  20. A Finnish traditional folk song - wow - we get all kinds of different music on this forum. I enjoyed the listen - like Tom mentioned, it sounds like surf rock to me - very cool.
  21. Harry C. - Thanks for giving both versions a listen - I appreciate it. DeeringAmps - I like the slap back echo on the vocal as well - it seemed to fit the song. Yeah, the acoustic version was recorded at my previous address. Thanks for listening. Lynn - Glad you liked the song - thanks for giving them a listen. emeraldsoul - I haven't used an organ on a song in awhile - that's a good idea. I bring in another rhythm guitar for the chorus, so I thought that was sufficient to boost the chorus a bit. Makke - Thanks for listening and commenting - I appreciate it. Wookiee - Thanks for lending your furry ears to my song - and thanks for commenting.
  22. I really liked the song and the mix was excellent - well done. I enjoyed the lead vocal and bgvs - that sounded quite nice to my ears. Cool video as well.
  23. Yeah, you did a good job on this cover. I noticed the fx on the lead vocal (is that a bit of chorus?) - sounds like what Paul did for the original.
  24. Douglas Kirby

    Hobo boots

    That's a cool song and groove and I enjoyed your guitar playing. I thought the drums could use a bit more punch. A few fills would help the drum track as well.
  25. I liked it - very intense - the drum track really drives the song. The guitar playing is excellent - I would turn up the lead guitar a bit regarding the mix - maybe a bit more compression there to give it more punch. I really liked that breakdown - that was cool. Good stuff as always.
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