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  1. Hi Bjorn - I'm glad you liked this one. Yes, they are giving vaccines in Westerly - I just got my first shot last week, and I'm looking forward to the second shot. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my song.
  2. I used TH-U on the backing guitars for the chorus - there's a chorus/phaser effect there and a delay- so it's just by chance that the upstrokes, as you mentioned, are perfectly timed to move to the right side. Thanks for listening.
  3. Hi Tom - thanks for listening. You think the bass is a bit muddy - interesting - I'll give the bass another listen.
  4. Hi David - yeah, I thought the BGVs that I added made the song a bit better - thanks for listening.
  5. Thanks for your crits Jack - I appreciate it.
  6. I agree with David - I like the rhythm of this song - nicely done there. You have a cool vocal - sounds pro to me, especially with the harmonies. Also, the guitar solo was just right for the song. Nice fade at the end - I always like a fade when it works effectively, as it did here. Quality mix - it sounded quite good to me.
  7. The lyrics are excellent - I really enjoyed reading them as I listened to the song. A very strong effort lyrically. As I've mentioned before, you vocal style sometimes reminds me a bit of Leonard Cohen - it worked quite nicely for this song.
  8. As some others have mentioned - I enjoyed the lead guitar track and the percussion - nicely done.
  9. That distortion on the lead vocal is wild - I did have trouble with what you're saying. I liked the vibe of the song, especially the organ - cool track.
  10. Douglas Kirby


    Nice job on this composition - very pleasant and relaxing. The mix sounds quite good to my ears. Nicely done.
  11. Douglas Kirby

    Lucky Break

    Hi Everybody, This is a brand new track for the album I'm currently working on called "The Westerly Sessions Vol. VII". As always, any comments and critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14231615
  12. That's a cool jam - who did the vocal?
  13. Hey Thoeksal - thanks for the compliment - I appreciate it.
  14. Hey Freddy - I'm glad you liked it - thanks for listening. I'm going to check out the Paris Tower label.
  15. Hey Tom - thanks for listening and for your comments - I think the mix sounds pretty good - but everybody has different ears and opinions - no worries. Regarding the lead vocal - I sang this one with a Studio Projects C1 - I bought it about six months ago ($250) - some complain that it's a bit too bright, but I think for pop and rock it sits quite well in a mix (with my voice anyway). 20 years ago, when it came out, it had rave reviews - some comparing it to a Newmann U87 (wihich I can't afford). I like it , so it's a keeper for me.
  16. Hi Nigel - thanks for listening.
  17. Thanks for your crits and suggestions - and thanks for giving my song a listen.
  18. Nice - what a vocal you have - always a pleasure to listen to. I really liked the orchestral background in the song. I enjoyed the lyrics as well - good job there.
  19. Douglas Kirby

    Prairie trail

    Nice playing Markku - I enjoyed the listen.
  20. Douglas Kirby


    There's quite a bit of compression on the drum track? That's what I'm hearing. Definitely an in-your-face mix. This has a bit of a punk/new wave vibe to me - interesting song.
  21. Hey David - thanks for listening.
  22. I'm glad you liked it Lynn - thanks.
  23. Thanks for listening Jack - I appreciate it.
  24. I liked the slap back on your vocal as well - cool song - nicely done. I really liked the vocal harmonies you have in there.
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