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    Impressive production - I enjoyed the listen and I thought the mix was excellent - well done.
  2. Thanks for listening and for commenting.
  3. Hi Nigel - thanks for listening.
  4. Thanks for the kind comment Bjorn.
  5. Thanks Lynn - yeah I like TH-U. I picked up Positive Grid's Bias FX recently on sale, and that sounds pretty good as well, but in this one I used TH-U.
  6. Thanks Kev - I'm glad you noticed the snare - I've put more concentration into the snare lately in my mixes. I keep learning as I go along.
  7. Thanks for commenting on my song and giving it a listen.
  8. Thanks Tom - I've never played a PRS - I'll have to stop by Guitar Center one of these days to try one out. Thanks for commenting on my other song as well.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to give my song a listen.
  10. Thanks Kurt - it's probably the organ that gives the song a 60s or 70s vibe.
  11. Thanks Gary - I put the Abbey Road Saturator on the main drum buss, and I had the Abbey Road Vinyl plug on the main stereo mix - perhaps that adds up to a bit too much saturation overall - thanks for your ears.
  12. Thanks for listening David - I appreciate it.
  13. Well done Bjorn - I think this is one of your better compositions - this would work nicely for an evening ball or some sort of social gathering - that's what came to my mind. The Grandeur sounded authentic - like the real thing.
  14. Douglas Kirby

    Time to Wake

    I thought it was a cool song, and your vocal reminded me of Glenn Danzig - nicely done.
  15. Douglas Kirby

    A WORD

    I really liked the song and your vocal was excellent. The mix had a dreamy quality to it, which fit your hook of "Dream On" - very cool.
  16. I think it's impressive that you wrote that at the age of 18-19 - I wasn't all that bright at that age.
  17. Thanks Steve - I appreciate you lending your ears to this one.
  18. Thanks for listening Makke.
  19. That was cool Kurt - I liked the harmony of the double-tracked guitars - nice playing there.
  20. Douglas Kirby

    Let Me Go

    Hi Forum Folks, This is a track off of the album I'm currently working on called "The Westerly Sessions Vol. VI". As always, any comments or critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. I sang the lead vocal with an AT4040 through a Warm Audio TB12 preamp - and I also used the Voxengo Voxformer on it, along with a Rob Papen delay vst. The rhythm guitar is a Fender Strat through TH-U, and the lead guitar parts are my Gibson Les Paul through TH-U. The bass is an Ibanez SR500 through an ART MPA Gold preamp - through TH-U. The organ parts are UVI Retro Organ Suite. The drums are AD2 - I put the Waves Abbey Road Saturator on the drum buss - it made the drums really come alive for this song. For reverb I used REmatrix from Overloud on the main bus - just a touch. Here is the song: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14181639
  21. Thanks - yeah - I think I could work with this one - perhaps sometime next week?
  22. Douglas Kirby

    Work It Out

    That was really cool - how the intro slowly drew me in, and then you really started to rock - nicely done. One thing I've noticed over time while listening to your music is the drum tracks - they are always top-notch.
  23. I really liked the drum groove - and the lead synth is a cool tone. The piano fit in nicely as well What synths did you use for this one? Only crit - the ending is too abrupt.
  24. Douglas Kirby

    And Rest

    I really liked this one Wookiee - it put me in a sort of trance - this would be excellent for meditation. C'est bonne musique - merci beaucoup.
  25. I think the mix is sounding pretty good now - nice job.
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