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    Another Chance

    I think you always write songs with a good hook to them, and this one is no exception. I like your style of composing and singing (I liked the vocal harmonies). The mix sounded good to me - nice job there.
  2. That's a really good song Barry - nice job on this one. Excellent lyrics and vocal performance.
  3. This one had a subdued mood and feel to it, and I enjoyed the listen. Nice keys solo - that was quite good. Interesting song - very creative.
  4. Hey Freddy - thanks for the kind words.
  5. Thanks for giving my song a listen Nigel.
  6. Hey thanks Allan - I'm glad you liked it.
  7. That was really cool Bjorn - I enjoyed that quite a bit. The synths sounded excellent.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to listen - I appreciate it.
  9. Yeah, that Cherry Audio synth sounds cool - it definitely has an 80's vibe to it. Not a bad price for it either - thanks for posting.
  10. Funny song Freddy - yes procrastination is always a problem - so I enjoyed your lyrics. The mix sounded good - well done.
  11. Excellent lyrics and a cool song - you should post this on YouTube - maybe it will catch on there and get a bunch of listens. A fitting song for the times. The mix sounds quite good to me.
  12. Thanks Wookiee - I never thought about using parallel compression on drums and bass - that's interesting.
  13. Thanks Bjorn - yes my brother came up with the chorus - the main hook of the song, and I finished up the rest. Also, the Danelectro 12-string is his guitar - he bought it recently and loaned it to me - fun guitar.
  14. I enjoyed the listen - especially the lyrics - well crafted there. My only crit is that I wish it had been a bit longer. Maybe put in a middle eight and then add another verse. Otherwise - well done.
  15. A very cool and smooth jazzy experience - nicely done. I always like your mixes as well - you know what you're doing there. I really enjoyed the sax - sounded great.
  16. Hi Tom - yeah, I think the New York compression I used on the lead vocal is subtle - it made it sound a bit more full to my ears. Regarding the V67i - I sang in the front - labeled as Warm - the back of the mic is the bright capsule. Interesting mic - I think it's a pretty cool piece of gear - I bought it out of curiosity. I'll let my brother know you liked the song- thanks.
  17. Douglas Kirby


    Hi Everybody, This is a track off of the new album I'm working on called "The Westerly Sessions Vol. IV". The main hook for this song was written by my brother Randy, and I finished up the rest of it. For the lead vocal, I sang with a MXL V67i mic through an ART MPA Gold preamp. The 12-string lead parts were played on a Danelectro. Also, for the first time, I tried New York compression on the lead vocal. As always, any comments and critiques are welcome, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14123877
  18. Douglas Kirby

    In Circles

    Very creative - the beat has some giddy-up to it - and that lead synth was very wild. Regarding the mix - I thought the bass should come up a bit. Enjoyed the listen - cheers.
  19. Douglas Kirby


    Nicely done Mark - that's a very cool jazz number. It had a lounge vibe to it - very relaxing.
  20. I liked this one Jesse - it kind of sounds like a lost recording - if that makes sense. I enjoyed the guitar playing - very cool.
  21. Douglas Kirby

    Jam In Am

    I liked it Kakku - a very pleasant and upbeat number - nicely done.
  22. I liked "Sweet Little Ginny" - a cool blues song. I enjoyed the guitar playing, and the harmonica was quite nice.
  23. Hi Tom - thanks for listening and for your comments. I did put that cowbell in there on the bridge - I thought it sounded alright - but perhaps you're right - the cowbell is a straight four - good observation.
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