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  1. I have just tested the midi track: it's just impossible to play when you don't have a Midi keyboard as there is so much lag.
  2. I know, but it's easy to add an option that recalculates the new tempo at the maker you're are inserting in order to keep the next marker unchanged.
  3. Yes, creating a tempo map that matches an existing audio is exactly what I wanted to do. I'm going to try your solution but I'm wondering why it is so complicated: in Pro Tools First, you just have to identify the first measure, the last measure, the middle measure, the middle of the middle, etc. and you are done after 3 to 5 identifications. And regarding audio snap, I just don't understand how it works, even after having learned hours and hours from tutos on youtube.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to build a tempo structure on an existing wave file song. As it's live, the tempo is slightly variable. So I start to put a mark on the first measure 1 and then a mark on the last measure, let's say measure 101 at 3:30:000. Then I try to identify the measure 50 (middle of the song) to reset the tempo on time. Unfortunately, when I insert a new time mark at the middle of the song, the mark on the right is shifted. I expect it to be unchanged at 3:30:000. How can I insert an absolute time marker (measure 101 at 3:30:000) that never moves, even when a new time marker is inserted? Thank you in advance for your help.
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