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  1. @msmcleod Yes, but it also overwrites the tempo node I set before. I changed the tempo from bar 1 to bar 15, if I set a new "beat at now" at bar 18, it starts recreating the tempo from bar 1 to bar 18. And before it used to change only the tempo between bar 15 and 18. I think this happens because the created tempo before and after beat 15 is the same after setting "Beat at now". Because when I change the tempo in the tempo view BEHIND beat 15, then I can set beat at now anywhere behind and THEN it creates a new node without overwriting the excisting node. <edit 2> It happens randomly, I just tried it on another track and from 18 new nodes, it created 16 new nodes and 2 overwrites.</edit2>
  2. If I want to move bar 18, bar 18 should move. The system is not supposed to overwrite the location of bar 15 I have earlier moved. Set beat at now, should create a new tempo behind bar 15 up to bar 18 and not change the tempo before bar 15. Note: I have used this before and it changed after the new tempo view was released.
  3. It used to be possible to add a new beat without deleting the previous.
  4. I just found out, that if I change the tempo of the last section first, I can insert a new "Beat at now".
  5. I have an issue with inserting beat at now feature. I'm not sure it is from the latest version, but it used to work with the version that had the old tempoi view. Description: I have an old track that has tempo changes, to get a click track I insert a lot of "Beat at now" markers , but now it overwrites the previous one(seen that in the tempo view) , but not always, sometimes it creates a new one as I want it to do. .
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