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  1. Hi, it would be perfect if: 1. there would be a visual differentiation of Offset and Envelope modes by color of UI - faders or faders tracks, current differentiation by + signs is easy to overlook. 2. there would be an option to choose default mode - Offset or Envelope Thank you
  2. It would be great, if there was an option to visually differentiate between those two modes by colors of UI. Those little + signs are easy to overlook.
  3. Thank both of you, I could not manage to get to it earlier, so thanks for tips, I'll try.
  4. I have an expression pedal connected via a MIDI keyboard. I can connect it via iCON iKeyboard 4 Nano or via M-Audio Oxygen 88. In both cases the expression pedal gives values in a range 0-116. Is there a way to either calibrate a pedal in Cakewalk? Or set some setting on a MIDI track to transform values to spread the values from 0 - 127? Or put some transforming plugin on a MIDI track (I found only a filtering plugin, which is not a pleasing one in this case)? Thank You
  5. Thank you for your answer. I know that feature and I use it. Please see my post about it: My suggestion is a way to ease the workflow and save some clicks and hassle. Judge yourself. If multiple buses areas were available, would you use track manager for puproses like this? Thank you anyway!
  6. Hellow, this would be nice to have> when I hit H key, track manager opens and it is organized the way the tracks and track folders are organized in track view, including the open / closed state. It would be nice if the same would go in the opsite way. When I open / close some track folders in the track manager and close it, the tracks would be organized accordingly in the track view. Thank you
  7. Hello, I would like to ask for a UX improvement> Would it be possible to add a BUS Area just in the level of user interface in Console View? Nowadays we see in Console View three areas: Tracks, Buses and HW outputs. Would it be possible to add multiple areas for buses? This would make possible to 'group' buses in the level of UI. One then would have the possibbility to segment his buses, sometimes I have a lot of buses in my projects, and to keep the overview clean and then to scroll from there to there is a bit confusing. Technically on the internall processing level nothing would be changed. The buses themselves would behave and function the same way they do now. On the level of UI four changes would be implemented: 1. An item in the right click menu in the buses area would be added: 'Add Buses Group'. 2. After clicking that item a new empty area would be added between clicked bus area and HW outputs area or following Bus area if any present. (This area would behave the same way we are used to. Right click -> Add Stereo Bus... etc...) 3. An item in the bus right click menu: Move this bus to a Bus Area> (similar to Move to Folder menu in the track right click menu) 4. An item in the right click menu in the buses area would be added: Remove this Buses area. It would be enabled only if no track would be present in that area and this would not be the last and only bus area. It would make the usage of Cakewalk even more versatile. Thank you for your opinions.
  8. HI, this is my feature suggestion: please could you add simple Wet / Dry knob into a FX Chain ? I hope this is self-explanatory, if anyone would need further discussion, I'm open. Thank you a lot in advance.
  9. SHIFT + G means Go to the beginning of the selection in Cakewalk. Try to have Play head line for instance at the beginning of the project at the time 0:0:0. Select any clip by clicking at the very top ribbon of the clip. This way of selecting does not change the Play head position. But as you can see in a selection module the selection is changed. With the clip selected press SHIFT + G. Or alternatively you can just click anywhere in the project. Nothing is really selected, but in the selection module the beginning and the end of the selection as well is set to a place you just clicked on. I usually use this shortcut when recording: I click in the project at the place I want to start recording. I press R to start recording. I make a mistake. I press the Spacebar to stop recording. I press CTRL + Z to undo recording. I pres SHIFT + G to go to the place I want the recording to begin and repeat the process. This works when I record a el. guitar for example, because only one track is armed. When I record acoustic guitar and use two tracks - one for mic and one for line, thus two tracks are armed, then the SHIFT + G does not move the Now cursor to desired position. Then I as a workaround use a loop set with its beginning on a place I want to start recording and an end far behind the place I want my recording to be stopped, then I can use W to move on the beginning of the loop.
  10. Hello, this is a bug report. shift + G works when there is no track armed for recording or just one track armed for recording. when there are multiple tracks armed then shift + G does not work. Thank you
  11. Thank you for your thoughts. I searched the internet more and found only bad reviews on UMC1820. Especially on Behringer's web site. So now I think about M-Audio Air 192|14. But in the end, I think, I'll go with Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. It doesn't have as many inputs I would like, but there are only positive reviews.
  12. The specs in your signature are the specs of the machine you work with? So AMD Ryzen 9 5950X could do much better, couldn't it?
  13. orhor

    Behringer UMC 1820 latency

    Hello, plese, could somebody report real numbers of ASIO latency for Behringer UMC 1820 for the last several lowest buffer size computed by Cakewalk at the properties pane? Please, could you report your hardware specs and lowest possible buffer size as well? Eventually, can you predict if AMD Ryzen 9 5950X will handle the lowest buffer sizes? Thank you
  14. Hi all, can you please someone post real ASIO latency values for UMC1820? I would like to buy one, but I read some messages over the internet reporting some latency issues. My old Lexicon Omega said goodbye to me. It was able to give me nicely acceptable 7.9ms of total roundtrip when set to Highspeed. I also tried Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which could give me total roundtrip 4.5ms when the buffer was set to 32samples. All values mentioned above were reported by Cakewalk. Thank you.
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