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  1. I've just seen a post in a different thread that fixes this issue. "If you set the following within Preferences->File->Initialization File: TempoImportErrorThreshold=0 ... the tempo will be imported exactly as it was in the old project and won't try to fit an envelope shape to the map." Might be worth flagging this more prominently - currently, the new update "breaks" existing projects with non-trivial tempo data unless this flag is set. Might even be worth setting the flag as a default?
  2. I've had an issue with the new Tempo Track. I've loaded an existing project, and it has overwritten my existing tempo data. In many cases, the overwritten version is an accurate simplification of the old data (for example, if the old data was a lot of tempo changes that amounted to a straight-line transition from one tempo to a new tempo, the new data takes the first tempo and creates a single linear transition to the new tempo). However, in some cases, the overwritten tempos are completely inaccurate. As far as I can tell, this is happening when I'd previously drawn in manual tempo changes - these have been removed and replaced with "fast" or "slow" curves, which don't match the original data. In some cases, these curves are now running until the following tempo change, which is completely inaccurate. Is this a known issue, and if so, is there a timeframe for resolution? I suspect I'm going to have to roll back to the previous version to complete the project I'm working on (and thank goodness I have a recent backup of the file!). I love the idea of the new Tempo Track - just want to be certain that the implementation isn't going to overwrite my handcrafted data before I try updating again...
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