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  1. Thanks for linking this! Yup, this is very much my cup of tea - great stuff! Thank you mcmd - Glad it sounds good to you - I'm just a musician/home studio guy who dabbles in a little paid mixing and production work from time to time. In any case, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment - much appreciated!
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    Sounds lovely! Those nylon string tones remind me of one of my favorite albums - Dire Straits "Love Over Gold", on songs like the title track and "Private Investigations"
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    Proud Dad!

    Really nice - amazing depth and maturity in her voice! 👍
  4. Hi Everyone, I'd to be a member of the old Cakewalk forum since about 2007, but this is my first post here... Well...it's taken quite a while, a few false starts, some very convoluted detours and sidetracks, a LOT of patience, but it's finally done!... (Much of the album was produced using various versions of Sonar) My project "FytaKyte"s first full-length album "Meandersaur". Here are a couple of links where it can be streamed (or even purchased if it's your beverage of choice): https://fytakyte.bandcamp.com/releases http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/fytakyte Here is a YouTube stream of all 10 tracks. The Album is now available to be streamed or bought from pretty much all the digital outlets - iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc. Just search "Fytakyte" Have a listen and let me know what you think!
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