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  1. I actually invested in Studio One Professional when I saw that feature announced. I must say I am quite impressed with the implementation. When the show page was announced, it was silly to me that they would release it without that feature or arranger sections. It's still silly that the arranger sections cannot be triggered by midi devices, but the remote app makes up for that. I think it will come in another incremental update. The whole concept behind the show page is great. I can see what it can grow into in the future. The sync is not intelligent though. Sections have to start on the down beat of a measure for it to work right. It must be technically hard to do, I have to assume the developers of these software are musicians themselves and could see the usefulness of having a sync algorithm that understands musical time. All the loop playback software that I've tried fails in this regard. I was impressed with Studio One's arranger track before Cakewalk added the feature. Cakewalk just did it in a way that was very versatile and could fit different use cases. I'm hoping they are able to do the same with some sort of loop playback system.
  2. Yes, I tested dragging the selected arrangement into the matrix view. It created the tracks, but doesn't maintain the arrangement of the clips rendering it unplayable. For it to work, all clips have to be the same length. This is not always the case in an arrangement, and that's additional work to make every clip the same length before dragging it into the matrix view.
  3. Leverage the matrix engine with the arranger track so we can trigger and playback sections of a song with a midi device. The arranger features allows for multiple different arrangements, but doesn't allow for spontaneity during the performance of a song. being able to assign arranger sections to a midi device and trigger its playback in sync with time will be very beneficial to those who would like to perform live with Cakewalk. The logic of when a sections changes after the new section is triggered should be based on where in musical time the new section starts. If a new triggered section starts on the "a" of 4, then the section should change on the "a" of 4. If it starts on the "1" then it should change to the new section on the down beat. Some of these features are already available in the matrix view. These features will be more useful with arranger track sections.
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