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  1. Apparently I found a bunch of instruments I can use with Cakewalk from a plugin.. Is there such a thing as a virtual controller to control the notes the coming out of the instruments?? Or is this something I can do from Cakewalk? if so, from which area? Thanks much..
  2. I think where the 2,000+ sounds would be.. Open the Kontakt icon and go to Database instead of libraries.. there is a lot more instruments in that section.
  3. Oh thanks... I found the 19 instruments in my Cakewalk DAW from the Native Instruments package... they are under the plugin section > uncategorized > Kontakt... then you drag the icon to the track section of Cakewalk, open the icon and select the instruments. But I haven't located the 2,000 + sounds they said is in the package... not on cakewalk or their stand alone icons yet..
  4. Yes, thank you.. I think I added the paths.. one for the native instruments plugin from my program files, and the other one just in case where I also downloaded a lot of the stuff for native instruments... but I can't see to find all those instruments and 2,000 plus sounds from the instrument tab in cakewalk.
  5. Is anybody using Komplete Start from Native Insutruments? They say they have a free download of 19 instruments and over 2,000 sounds. I downloaded their stuff by I didn't find much in the instrument section of Cakewalk. Is anybody using Komplete Start? How do you get all those instruments and sounds to CakeWalk?
  6. Thank you much for the information. I see BandLab still selling the older Sonar packages then? I am interested in experimenting with instruments, sounds, and effects for small projects. The price tag for Sonar professional and platinum is a good chunk of money. Is there a way to try it to explore the instruments and sounds before considering a purchasing? Is there any core products BandLab is selling these days? How are you guys keeping alive? I also haven't explore any other DAWs for instruments and sounds, but I suppose many offer similar features.
  7. So I was looking for instruments to add to my new Cakewalk software and I got information of a bunch of free plugins. Question:.. what are the Sonar Home Studio, Artist, Professional and Platinum packages for? I will be using cakewalk to create small pieces of music and maybe mix it with as much effects I can find from MIDI instruments or sounds. Also, I just chose cakewalk just because of some online research and figure I would give it a try, but I also see the Sonar software doesn't seem to have any updates since 2017??
  8. I just got cakewalk like 2 days ago, and it is the first time I work with cakewalk or any DAW at all, so I am in the middle of exploring the software and know next to nothing about it. Where could I get such as guitar, flute, pad chords, harp, etc, for cakewalk? Is that something you pay for? Is it free plugin?
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