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  1. Addressed this in your other thread Ron. Works on my win 10 system with CbB. Hope it helps.
  2. It is possible to create a lense to override window placement. It works most of the time:) I have found the above method to be the only one that works perfectly every time.
  3. If the Lyric View is docked in the multidock, simply right click on the 'Lyrics' tab in the multidock and choose 'undock'. You can then drag the lyric window to wherever you wish to place it. It will always be the top window. Check that you have no active lenses (Top right of main screen>Lenses>None). Also check that the screenset you are using is not locked (Views>Screensets>Lock/unlock current screenset). Now save the project. From then on, whenever you open that project, the lyric view will be the top window located where you placed it prior to saving. If the window placement is correct and you wish to make it permanent, simply lock the screenset (Views>Screensets>Lock/unlock current screenset) then resave the project. That way, even if you change the window layout whilst editing, the lyric view will always be restored to its rightful place on re-opening the project. (NB. The only window that can block the floating lyric view window is the Playlist window, so if using that feature make sure when organising your project windows that you leave space wherever you choose to locate your playlist)
  4. If I'm not mistaken we have discussed this before and been waiting a while for this one @craigr68 Feels like Christmas:)
  5. I was just editing my post to include the pause as well as the wait for keystroke as you posted! Take a look. I think it would work exactly as we both need:)
  6. The suggestion I made would mean that the project would be loading in the delay/wait for keypress craigr68, but Noel's suggestion would solve our problem too. The Ioading syntax would work the same as it does now, but not wait for the keypress/end of delay to commence loading the upcoming project, so it would be loading in the pause as you suggest. As the playlist completed project A, it would close that project and immediately load project C, THEN wait for the keypress/end of pause to start playback of project B. If this were the case and nothing else changed, at worst we would need to load a dummy project at the start of the playlist to avoid a single instance of song loading whilst playback was taking place detween project A and B, though hopefully this would be addressed too.
  7. The "family PC" could indeed introduce a level of chaos I had not considered Kev:)
  8. Give it a try though greenlight. This issue does not occur with every audio interface. There is zero load time in it's absence as the next project loads whilst the current one is playing.
  9. @Noel Borthwick takes Occam's razor to the problem! You my friend are a legend, even on the weekend:) That would be brilliant.
  10. Both Windows and DAW's have come a long way Francisco. It is no longer neccessary to have a separate clean boot sector to have stable performance. Windows 10 is very stable, and all of your software will work together just fine.
  11. Lyric view is not part if the playlist feature. It is a view within each project. It can of course be used in conjunction with the plalist. If you save a song with lyric view open, it will open that way from within the playlist. Some details here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation%3Fproduct%3DSONAR%26language%3D3%26help%3DViews.29.html&ved=2ahUKEwisw6q9iNHkAhUV7HMBHcOnBVAQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw1i5XJKlWZa6et9QfNx2yRQ&cshid=1568490266124
  12. It has been around for a very long time Greenlight. It is great for live performance. Well worth checking out: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation%3Fproduct%3DSONAR%20X3%26language%3D3%26help%3DPlayback.37.html&ved=2ahUKEwi87KWih9HkAhUCjuYKHQXOBbgQFjADegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw16x5tdsixf3el-F1Ydvz2d&cshid=1568489973617
  13. That is great news @Noel Borthwick. Whilst the playlist has your attention, there is an intermittent problem I have run into over many years of using it. With an enabled playlist ustilising 'wait for keypress', on certain devices, due to the fact that the upcoming project doesn't load until you start playing the current project, playback is prone to small glitches as this happens. The problem seems to be asio driver dependent. The most recent device I encountered this on was the Behringer X32. It does not happen using wasapi mode, but then you are limited to 16 output channels. Changing buffer settings does not help. I understand that this is probably a driver issue given that it works perfectly on some devices, but a small change to how the playlist functions would allow a workaround on any device. Would it be possible for the playlist to load ahead as the project that has just finished playing closes, rather than waiting for the keystroke for the next project to start. That way if the glitching problem presents itself you have the choice of waiting a couple of seconds until the upcoming project has finished loading before starting playback. So at the moment, with a playlist enabled and all songs set to wait for keypress: 1. Project A Loads and playlist waits. 2. Upon keypress, Project A starts and Project B loads. 3. When Project A finishes it closes, and playlist waits for keypress. 4. Upon keypress, Project B starts and Project C loads. Would it be possible instead to have: 1. Project A and Song B load. 2. Upon keypress, Project A starts. 3. As Project A closes, Project C loads and playlist waits. 3. Upon keystroke, Project B starts. 4. At the end of the song, as Project B closes, Project D loads. Only 2 projects are ever open, as is the case now. The timing is such though that loading does not necessarily have to happen as playback is taking place. At the moment, loading only takes place during playback and there is no way to avoid it. Just a thought. It may be too big a job, but you never know if you don't ask Regards, Bruce.
  14. Maybe so, but on the same 3 setups the deeply integrated Studio One app works perfectly every time. Thats my point.
  15. Lemur has a Sonar template that works. There is nothing like a dedicated app though as all of the generic remote solutions either lack deep integration or are very involved to set up and the connections are unpredictable at best. The app for Studio One works a treat straight out of the box!
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