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  1. it supossed to be smooth curve, but its not.. =(
  2. after update 2021.04, i get notice that this themes is not compatible...
  3. do you mean "loop constraction" menu? Alt+7? doble click on mouse cant be happen because that key is belongs to Open melodyne editor when clips are insert a melodyne.. i guess
  4. where u get that themes??? thats cool.. looks like.. hmmm ableton maybe....
  5. i think doble click on another window is already
  6. Hai, im cakewalk user for long time since sonar 4... but recently i try a studio one 5.2 and, i find out S1 have a some feature that very2 good and usefull where cakewalk bandlab dont have it.... so this is a video that i hope can make it clear, and im very2 hope that cakewalk bandlab can have this feature too, or maybe better than.... 1. Parallel Routing and Processing on Track 2. Drag and Drop instrument on track or FX on FX bin and send that can create bus track automaticly, and copy all fx chain to other track at once so dont have to copied one by one. here's the examples video: 3. sidecahain directly button into the fx window that can routing more fast (as i remember cubase and studio one have it ) 4 not laggy GUI Movement (this is so annoying) make the app "feel" slow and heavy So i hope we can considering this advice.. because this can make a huge deal i believe.. thx.... cheers
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