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  1. Thanks all - does appear to be a local off message. As the clavinova was being used on this track for straight audio recording I finished up just disconnecting the midi in cable from it which sorted the problem. Cheating probably.....
  2. David that sounds plausible - not recording a MIDI track at this point, but the cables are connected and there are a couple in the project so that could well be it - will try it out later, many thanks
  3. Hi folks Trying to record audio direct from aux out of my Clavinova CLP 575 Connecting via Focusrite Scarlett 8i18 All fine with setup until launching Cakewalk - sound from Clavinova then seems to be muted. Bizarrely even if you disconnect the cables from the instrument it remains muted until you turn off and on. Have tried via headphone output instead of aux out with same effect. Any ideas? Dan
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