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  1. I just checked the latest build.. On the bounce to tracks box, ENTER or RETURN is not mapped to OK, so you are forced to use the mouse to click 'OK' Is it possible to have it to where you can just press ENTER/RETURN to hit OK to start the bounce? On the old box it worked fine. Small fix but helps with workflow.
  2. Can you guys please add an option to "Disable selected track's effects" so that when wanting to turn off many effects on tracks without deleting them after a bounce down you don't have to go down each track and disable each effect manually? I often will bounce many vocal tracks down to stereo but want to keep the original tracks and effects in case I need to change something, but I want to disable the effects after the bounce to conserve CPU. When I do this with dozens of tracks having to go down and disable each plug in manually can be very time consuming. It would be great if we could just select multiple tracks, and disable the effects with one click.
  3. Thank you! If you guys can tweak that it would save me endless frustration. I really appreciate it!
  4. I am selecting with right click drag selection tool. Not left click clicking. If you left click to select with a plugin selected, it deletes fine, but if you use the right-click drag box to select, it will delete the last selected plugin. Try that.
  5. Can you please make it to where selecting audio in the clips pane overrides the selection of a plugin in the effects bin? What happens is, I'll be working in the effects bin with plugins, then I want to move on to editing, I select some audio, press delete, and it deletes the last effect I had selected from the bin. I have to then undo the delete, click somewhere in the clips pane, and then re-highlight the clip I want to delete and press delete. Very annoying. It would be amazing if you guys could fix that.
  6. Hello Cakewalk team. Since I installed this version, the bounce to clips command takes 15-30 seconds PER CLIP to bounce down, which normally takes only a second or two at most. I use this command so often that with it hanging so long each time I try and use it, it drastically increases the time it takes to do simple tasks in a project, and makes the workflow unbearably slow. Can you please fix this? Also, with the new bounce to tracks box, be sure to make it to where pressing "ENTER" on the keyboard maps to the "OK" button on the dialogue box. It used to, but it doesn't anymore.
  7. PLEASE update the auto-save of this program. Instead of auto-saving into a series of auto-save files like Premier, Cakewalk Auto-saves OVER the previous auto-save file, and just rewrites and rewrites it over and over. What happens is if Cakewalk crashes WHILE the auto-save is re-writing, it can truncate the auto-save file, rendering it useless, and only giving you access to the last manually saved version of the file, not the last auto-save version, which is potentially devastating if its been a while since you last manually saved. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS ISSUE???
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