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  1. Thanks for your additional replies and questions. It's an A&H QU24. I think this matches what I tried at first. I created a separate mix with the QU24 and used the audio for the live stream. But it is so hard to do the mixing when the band is performing live simultaneously. I do not have a noise-isolated mixing area so it's very hard to distinguish between what I actually hear from the rooms Sound System and what comes over my headphones for the live stream. After a few tries I found this to be nearly impossible. After some research and actually meeting with a guy who does something similar, I found using a DAW to do a recording of the band, set up all the processing pipelines for the channels and then use the same settings for live input the best practice solution. From what I heared so far Cakewalk might just not be the software to go with. Which is sad, because I actually like it. You are completely right, it will add latency. But that's not really a problem for live broadcasts, since video and sound input is almost always not synchronous anyway. I will just have to add an appropriate delay on the video in OBS (the broadcasting software).
  2. @white flowers Thanks for your reply, too. I do actually not have routing problems to OBS. This is already working fine. But I appreciate your suggestion. 🙂
  3. Thanks a lot for all your replies! I will definitely give a try to David Baays suggestion and start monitoring with unity gain.
  4. Hello together, I am fairly new to audio processing using a DAW. First my scenario: I have a band playing live in front of a small audience (due to corona). For the sound in the room/hall I use a common mixer. I then route the inserts via USB into my PC running Cakewalk. There I get the audio input for all channels using an ASIO driver for the mixer. This is working fine and I can do recordings of the live audio. My problem is, that I do not want to do a recording. I rather want to just process the live signals with some EQ, compression and effects and then route the master output to e. g. OBS. So my question is: Is it possible with Cakewalk to process and output live inputs instead of recordings in the way I described? What I achieved so far is, that I used the Input Echo to output live sound. But it sounds very different from what I get from a recording. Channel gain for example does not impact input echo. I would really like to be able to do a recording, set up all the channel pipelines based on the recording in a quiet room and then just use the same pipelines for live signal processing when the band performs their songs. I would be very grateful for any help. Kind regards, Matthias
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