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  1. Updated new mix! Overall db was a bit low, and I made other improvements.
  2. wow I like this song a lot, soft acoustic vibe is nice. The way you sing is gentle and reassuring.
  3. Thanks! Sounds loud on my PC. Also see the signal strength lines in the soundcloud player? About same as others.
  4. MichaelJohn

    TD 2

    I had to listen again, so electronically fun. Like that dissonant chord. Question, how do you get the soundcloud player to appear? I past link but doesn't appear
  5. I agree everything is too much n the center. Pan rhythm guitar to the right or left some. That may sound unbalanced, so you need to pan another guitar, same part is ok, on the other side. It removes it from the center. Basic panning tips I start with are: bass- center, no reverb lead instrument or vocal - center with some reverb ok drums- kick and snare in center, start with no reverb on the kick. Toms and cymbals panned left/right rhythm guitars- panned, some reverb ok
  6. Nice work! I'm not familiar with the show, I would have thought this was the original score.
  7. o my gosh when the sax comes in! great vibe and mix- make more, will breeze along
  8. I wrote this piano/guitar instrumental in 2009, one of my favorites works. Made with Sonar 8 and Sampletank 2.5. I still have the Dell GX620 Win XP but I haven't used it in many years. It was time to remake it so I tried to install Sampletank 2.5 on my current PC but it wouldn't run. So I decided to see if Sonar 8 and Sampletank were still installed on my old XP? Wasn't sure. Both still there! Sonar 8 was still working great on my old Dell but then on a reboot I got beep code 1-3-2.- memory fail. I only had a 504mb memory card available, installed it, and Win XP booted right up! Would Sonar and Sampletank even run on 504mb ram? They did! Very smoothly! I was able to finish this remake with 504mb ram on XP, in Sonar 8! It didn't even glitch. Until I started deleting tracks I didn't need- then it started glitching. But I had the work done. And here it is. This piece has two finger acoustics, two electrics, and piano, strings, bass, drums and of course, clarinet. All Sampletank 2. 5 in Sonar 8. This is a soundtrack type instrumental meant to evoke the dream she has... NEW MIX 11.19:
  9. MichaelJohn

    TD 2

    I listened to the whole track too. Something new every 8 bars and unexpected chord changes. I have the Arturia mini moog but it can't do this. Make more, will listen!
  10. Much better to my ears! Now, it rocks! This is classic guitar rock genre and guitar rock needs rock drumming. That's all that was missing to me. The bass is great. Sorry I got nit-picky but you write great guitar rock. Your style is close to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Listen to any song by him and drums are always strong.
  11. I think it's better! It might be my speakers but the bass is still the loudest part in the song- I would bring the drums up a small touch, and lower the bass, to make drums and bass equal. The drum kick is really nice with the bass. The panned guitars are on fire! Super nice whatever you did.
  12. I like it! Kinda Beatle-ish to me. Middle 60's vibe. This tempo and song style is very shag dance style friendly. If you up the tempo I think the song would still work, and then it would start sounding bubblegumish I think. The wide spaced background vocals really sound amazing!
  13. Sounds really good to me. Can't hear the drums, are there drums? I like the minor mode and those chords in the pre-chorus. Nice work
  14. very nice, enjoyed it! great work on the vocal parts! Like the organ!
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