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  1. MichaelJohn

    Precious Time

    Wow I like your voice and the organ!
  2. MichaelJohn

    Warp 8

    Nice classic synth mix of arps and pads, The FX and balance is perfect. I enjoyed this.
  3. MichaelJohn


    Amazing how you layered the parts, and each part is musically interesting to listen to. My ear moves from the bass to the lead, to the wide pads, to the percussion... Nothing to improve to my ears!
  4. Well it sounds like the bass is playing a different song, or in a different key, but I like stuff like this! It's uniquely satisfying.
  5. Never heard you guys before- pro production! Lead vocal is a great singer! I also like Make Me Smile. Dig the lyrics "you got to move along..."
  6. MichaelJohn


    Festive! Perfect for outdoor orchestra concert! It could also be played at opening Olympics- when they walk in with the flags!
  7. My new prog rock instrumental. Guitar, bass, synth, organ, pads, piano, choir, violas, and drums. This is a remake of my "2012" first posted at Acid Planet. Made in Cakewalk. Thanks for listening. Caution- loud rock with wide dynamics. Thanks for listening- I'll check your latest!
  8. Thanks for the replies. After researching, I discovered dearVR plugin and it can place musicians in a 'room'. I haven't tried it yet since it requires win10
  9. This is guitar, piano, bass, drums, and a vocal. I think it's a live recording? The drums are SM Drums, sampled drums. How do I make a mix using plugin instruments to sound like it's in a live room like this? The bass is very wide and not just in the center of the mix. Also, just panning the guitar to the left and adding reverb to the instruments will not create this room sound. Is it possible? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8sahgYlFzKreDd1cXgtU1kta00/view
  10. lol, "retro" is relative! Are you still using a 90's synth? Thanks
  11. MichaelJohn

    Young Love

    I enjoyed this! The guitar playing and tone is sweet! I also like Yairi
  12. I created a video showing how I use 3 four bar melodies to make a retro sounding synth type track, using TTS-1. The track playback starts at 2:50 New link (edited the first to remove a lot of talking):
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