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  1. Thank you. You have given me a lot of great information. Looks like I have some more studying to do. Thank you for taking time to reply.
  2. It is an instrument track. I created the note using piano roll.
  3. I am finding out the hard way how important this is.
  4. I have the last clip/measure highlighted which contains the last note. I then went to Process > Apply Effect > Fade/Envelope... but Fade/Envelope is grayed out. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Thank you, yeto
  5. Thank you. I appreciate your help.
  6. Do I just go under Cakewalk Projects and delete the folder for which the project is named? Is it that simple? Thank you, yeto
  7. I bet that is what happened to me. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Figured it out. Automation line. I must have clicked something by mistake. Still learning, yeto
  9. All of a sudden I am getting this black line that runs the length of the track. Could someone share what this means? Kind regards, yeto
  10. That is good to know. I will watch for promotions. Thank you, yeto
  11. Thank you for checking. I will at least use it to hold chords as I build a song.
  12. You caught me. I was hoping to mimic Ableton.
  13. In other words, if I trigger the first column is it possible to have the second column automatically trigger after the first column finishes playing? Thank you for any help, yeto
  14. Thank you. This will be very helpful to a newbie such as myself.
  15. The built-in virtual controller in CbB is just what I am looking for. It will work perfectly. I didn't even know something like this existed inside Cakewalk. I am learning something new every day. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help, yeto
  16. If I understand correctly I can't use the SI-Electric-Piano "keyboard" to record an instrument track using my computer keyboard but I could use the PC 73 to record an instrument track using my computer keyboard? Am I understanding all of this correctly? I am a guitar player so I really don't what to purchase a keyboard. I just need "one" piano key that I can tap and record an instrument track so that I can create a pattern that can be edited in piano roll. So would the PC 73 be what I am looking for? Thank you, yeto
  17. I will definitely study "bounce to clips". Thank you for taking time to help. yeto
  18. Can you tell anything from this photo? If not I can try to snip at a higher resolution. If I do have overlap is that necessarily a bad thing? Thank you, yeto
  19. I am still learning CbB. Does the below photo provide enough information to tell if I have over-lap?
  20. Hmmmmm, I had not thought of that. I am new to CbB and I am using snap to grid so I didn't think there would be overlap. I will check. Thank you for helping, yeto
  21. Good idea. Thank you for taking time to post. I appreciate your help, yeto
  22. Thank you for helping. The event viewer will solve my concern. Thank you, yeto
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