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  1. Is it possible to restore the predefined guitar chords file in staff view? I deleted some chords by mistake. Copied the below from help file. I guess I need to restore the Chords.liw file??? "SONAR stores its library of chords in the file Chords.liw. The chords in the library are sorted into groups. You can add and remove chords from the library, create new groups (i.e., for alternative guitar tunings), and add chords from a different library file." Thank you, Otey
  2. Chord markers. Thank you for verifying this for me. I have learned a lot from your replies. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help, yeto
  3. Is staff view suppose to place notes in piano roll. I have placed some chords in staff view but I don't see where the notes have populated in piano roll. Is this as how the software works? Thank you for any help, yeto
  4. If I am ever able to get it to work I will report back. Thank you for your help, yeto
  5. I studied some old threads related to ASIO via ASIO4ALL and I don't think I want to go down that road. I am going to experiment with WASAPI and I will report back. Thank you for taking time to help, yeto
  6. I deselected > then clicked apply > I don't see the mic if I did everything correctly.
  7. When I try to use ASIO my mic won't work. Do you see anything I am doing wrong?
  8. Dell desktop - Windows 10 - motherboard sound card - "no" audio interface I am running my mic into a usb port.
  9. If anyone is interested I was able to get this solved, "I think", here. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/cakewalk-sonar/1254052-does-cakewalk-have-some-type-latency-compensation-feature.html?posted=1#post13863218
  10. You are correct. WASAPI is what I meant. Thank you for pointing this out. Thank you for all your help, yeto
  11. Thank you. I tried your suggestion. It still didn't work but at least that confirms "I think" that I don't have the needed drivers. Thank you for taking time to help, yeto
  12. Hi, When I try to use “ASIO Exclusive” I get the following error message and my microphone will not work: "Audio Driver Error – The following driver(s) either do not support the current audio format, or are in use by another application. Please choose whether you want to disable them or use them anyway. Microphone (Realtek Audio)" If I go to “ASIO Shared” I do not get this message and my microphone will work. Any ideas as to how I can get my microphone to work with Exclusive? Thank you, yeto
  13. I take it Cakewalk does not have a "latency compensation" feature/setting?
  14. Is the "Nudge" feature what I have been looking for all along to align the vocal track with the instrument tracks because there just does not seem to be a way to do this during the actual recording of the vocal track? https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Arranging.24.html
  15. I have tried both "Full Chase Lock" and "Record latency Adjustment - Manual Offset" and I just can't get the Audio/Vocal track to line up with the Instrument Tracks. BandLab's "Online" DAW has a Latency Test does Cakewalk have something similar? Thank you in advance for any help, yeto
  16. After more research maybe I would adjust here (see photo). Can someone provide any help as to how I would do this? Thank you in advance for any help, yeto
  17. In the below picture, where it says Timing Offset(msec), is this where I would sync vocals to my instrument recordings? Thank you, yeto
  18. Thank you for taking time to post. This is very helpful.
  19. yeto

    Rewind to start?

    When I click here (see photo below) it takes me back to the start of the song.
  20. As usual, it takes me longer than everyone else to "get it". If I now understand correctly, all "clips" are highlighted not just the "one" where you are making changes. I wish there was someway to highlight just the one clip you are working on in piano roll like how track view highlights the one clip.
  21. I can't see a change in either Tungsten or Mercury related to the background. The notes change color but not the background. Can you share a photo that shows what it should look like? Thank you, yeto
  22. Anyone have any ideas as to why my clips aren't outlined in piano roll even though I have show clip outlines checked?
  23. I tried most of the keys and unless I am doing something wrong they all show the same notes. (Db, Eb, F#, G# and Bb) I wish there was some way to change the Db, Eb and Bb to sharps. We may be talking about two different things. I am referring to the notes that show on the piano roll keyboard when I move my mouse around in piano roll. Thank you for trying to help, yeto
  24. In the piano roll view "notes pane" is it possible to show the notes with shapes versus flats? I searched Cakewalk documentation but could not find out how to make this change. Also, I have "show clip outlines" selected but my clips are not outlined in the piano roll view pane. Can some share as to what I am doing wrong or maybe could provide a photo as to what this would look like? Thank you in advance for any help, yeto
  25. Thank you. That helps.
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