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  1. Would it be possible to rename some of the ".prog" SI-Electric Piano and SI-Bass Guitar files to ".sf2 soundfont files" and copy them into a different program (Rapid Composer)? Thank you in advance for any help, yeto
  2. Yes, I searched but found the results confusing. I was hoping there was just "1" that everyone was using.
  3. Where to find a Rickenbacker bass guitar soundfont? Thank you in advance for any help, yeto
  4. I am new at this and I have tried Studio One, MuLab, Tracktion 6, LMMS, Audacity, BandLab and CakeWalk. I found BandLab to be the easiest (almost too easy) to use but had to move over to CakeWalk (2nd easiest) as I couldn't find a way to do triplets with BandLab and I couldn't get a good bass guitar sound with BandLab's built in instruments. I know there are work arounds for both problems but Cakewalk takes care of both issues without going outside of the program. Three updates I would like to see in BandLab would be: 1) SI-Bass Guitar instrument 2) ability to do triplets 3) when using piano roll view I would like for the notes to show on the keyboard and by the cursor. Until these changes are made I will stick with CakeWalk as I am now making music with the help of this great forum which I think is another plus for CakeWalk. I don't think BandLab has a forum.
  5. I have 2 separate tracks (piano and bass line). I want to copy portions of those tracks and paste. To save time, is it possible in piano roll view, to copy and paste the piano part and accompanying bass line at the same time to save time or do I have to copy the piano part and paste and then the bass line part and paste? Thank you, yeto
  6. Thank you. This will help me set up the different modules to make CakeWalk more user friendly. I Googled but I was using the wrong keywords. I should have been searching for docking or undocking instead of coupling or uncoupling. Thank you for providing the link. Still learning, yeto
  7. Thank you...this is helpful.
  8. I would like to have the track view pane open on one monitor while I have piano roll view full screen size on another monitor. Is this possible? Thank you, yeto
  9. Thank you. You have given me a lot of great information. Looks like I have some more studying to do. Thank you for taking time to reply.
  10. It is an instrument track. I created the note using piano roll.
  11. I am finding out the hard way how important this is.
  12. I have the last clip/measure highlighted which contains the last note. I then went to Process > Apply Effect > Fade/Envelope... but Fade/Envelope is grayed out. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Thank you, yeto
  13. Thank you. I appreciate your help.
  14. Do I just go under Cakewalk Projects and delete the folder for which the project is named? Is it that simple? Thank you, yeto
  15. I bet that is what happened to me. Thanks for the heads up.
  16. Figured it out. Automation line. I must have clicked something by mistake. Still learning, yeto
  17. All of a sudden I am getting this black line that runs the length of the track. Could someone share what this means? Kind regards, yeto
  18. That is good to know. I will watch for promotions. Thank you, yeto
  19. Thank you for checking. I will at least use it to hold chords as I build a song.
  20. You caught me. I was hoping to mimic Ableton.
  21. In other words, if I trigger the first column is it possible to have the second column automatically trigger after the first column finishes playing? Thank you for any help, yeto
  22. Thank you. This will be very helpful to a newbie such as myself.
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