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  1. Is there still no track delay? Since it is an instrument track would I just use the Track Inspector setting "Time+", as shared in the thread, to do the same thing as track delay? Also, I see shared in the thread that you can change the start time for a clip. How would I delay the start time by -50ms? Or do I just use the nudge tool once I have completed the part in PRV which is how I create the clip? I have tried this but I have to keep nudging (for playback) and unnudging (to edit so everything aligns in PRV) as I am working in PRV to edit the clip which is somewhat frustrating. Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My. Thank you for any help, yeto
  2. Do you mix keyboards to the right and guitars to the left or vice versa or use whatever "floats your boat"? Thank you, yeto
  3. Thank you for taking time to post. Very helpful video.
  4. The CAL guide PDF is an interesting read. Thank you for taking time to share.
  5. What software/language would one use to open and modify a CAL script?
  6. I am trying the CAL script but it seems once you make a change you can't "undo" which could get frustrating.
  7. Yes, I got it to work and I agree it is good.
  8. Have any of you ever tried inputting in piano roll view a guitar chord and offsetting/delaying each note of the chord by a few milliseconds to get a more realistic strummed guitar chord sound? I am having a hard time putting into words what I am trying to ask but I hope the previous sentence made sense. Thank you for any help, yeto
  9. Can you share the Imgur link? Maybe I am going to the wrong Imgur page. Thank you, yeto
  10. What service do you all use to host an image? I used to use "imgur" but it seems to have changed. Thank you, yeto
  11. My PRV won't honor Global snap when PRV snap is off.
  12. Loop snaps for me in the time line but does not snap in PRV. Is there something I can check to make loop snap in PRV? Thank you, yeto
  13. I will give that a try. Thank you for the suggestion. Always willing to learn something new, yeto
  14. I am always looking for the fastest way to input chords into PRV. I have looked at Chordz before and as I far as I can tell it just helps someone play chords by just using a single key press. I play guitar so currently when entering chords into PRV I am clicking the individual chord notes one by one. Something like the picture I posted above would be very helpful. I am not complaining though. Once I have the chord in PRV I can copy and paste throughout the song so it is not too bad. Thank you for all your help, yeto
  15. Can this be done with an instrument track? I have googled but cannot find a page that instructs how to do this. This is something I would really like to learn how to do. yeto *** I just found this: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X2&language=3&help=EditingMIDI.40.html
  16. Is it possible to delete a project track without opening the project? Earlier when I tried to open a project I got the below error code. I had to finally end up uninstalling the Ample Sound plugin before I could open the project. I then deleted the Ample Sound track and the project now opens with no problem. In the future, if this happens again, I would like to be able to delete the track without having to uninstall the Ample Sound software. ----------------------------------------- Error - Unhandled Exception A fatal error has occcurred in plugin ' .' Module: c:/program files\ample sound\AGLP.dll Exception code c0000005 Address: 00007FFE6D36485A:00007FFE00000000:FFFFFFFF00000000 As a result of this error Cakewalk is about to exit abnormally, Should Cakewalk attempt to save a recovery copy of your work?
  17. Thank you. This is good information that will be very helpful. Thank you for taking time out of your day to share. yeto
  18. I was finally able to get Ample Sounds Strummer to work. The matching key switches were off by a couple of octaves. Strummer said to put the strum notes starting at C1 but it only works for me if I start at C3. Also, I have the strum pattern at C6 and above.
  19. I Googled "midi daw cal library" but I didn't see any related results. What is a CAL library?
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