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  1. Hey Ewoof, If you're willing to pay, you'd probably be better off checking out the engineers at soundbetter . com. There are literally mixers from all over the globe, and ranging from different experience levels and price points. It lets you filter out by genre, experience, price etc, so you can really narrow it down to what your looking for. After that, you can do research on people you've liked on google if you want to hear more of their stuff. I personally think it's a good service, but you'll have to try it and see if it fits what you're looking for. Good luck.
  2. Thanks KSband, really appreciated!f Second time here someone's mentioned the bass thing. I've got crap monitoring, but I'll try and keep that in mind for next time, thanks. Thanks Jack.C Hey Nigel, I understand how you feel, and personally, I agree, but it's where people are currently, so I just deal with it. I don't have a following like that, if I did, I'd use my own website. Thanks Deering, much appreciated!
  3. Hey Guys, I changed the post to make it easier for those that don't like spotify. I'll try and keep it in mind next time.
  4. Oh, Sorry about that Jack C., no worries. It's ok, no worries. Hey David, I appreciate the feedback, dully noted, and thanks for listening!
  5. I'm sorry Jack C, I didn't quite understand, am I not allowed to share Spotify links? If that's the case, I apologize, I didn't know.
  6. This is my most recent track. It's latin pop, I know not everyone's thing around here, but I do everything in cakewalk, and thought I'd share. Edit: Made some changes to the post as per suggested by folks in the forum. Thanks guys. Spotify
  7. Helios.G

    "Llegar A Ti"

    Thank you Nigel!
  8. Helios.G

    "Llegar A Ti"

    Thank you so much Bjorn!
  9. Helios.G

    kissin up

    I'm sorry, I thought I heard a vocal sample of Crazy Train in your song, my apologies. I guess it just sounds similar.
  10. Helios.G

    "Llegar A Ti"

    Thanks so much Douglas, I try my best to keep my standards high, but I'm not a pro, I'm just working my way to that level still.
  11. Helios.G

    My New Song

    This sounds very catchy, Like Jack C suggested, maybe some more low end, but considering you only took 3 hours, pretty good stuff.
  12. This sounds very professional
  13. Helios.G

    kissin up

    Never in a million years would I have thought of dropping that sample on a track like this, but not only did you think of it, you made it work. This is very catchy!
  14. Helios.G


    very new wave depeche vibe going on here, good job.
  15. Helios.G

    "Llegar A Ti"

    I appreciate that so much Lynn! Thank you
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