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  1. Well, I ran Native Access, that didn't help. I then tried installing all NI plugins on my C drive (which i really wanted to avoid because it's not a large drive) and badaboom badabing, 30 new plugins found Turns out xfer plugins were recognized because they were on C without me knowing (I told them to install on E but they installed on C anyway :s ). It's really unfortunate that you can A) only install Bandlab on C and B) bandlab only recognizes plugins on C. If a dev is reading this, please help owners of small C drives like me and let us install somewhere else TL;DR: Install your plugins on C and you're good
  2. I'm having a similar issue. Strangely enough, it seems to affect mostly Native Instruments Plugins (Both effects and instruments), but not plugins of other developers (such as xfer). I tried rebooting, running the NI plugins standalone (which was suggested in another forum), ticking the "Scan in Sandbox" box and using the Cakewalk plugin manager (I believe that's what it was called) to scan, but nothing worked so far - Which is unfortunate, i spent a fortune on these plugins over the years and now they're just sitting there on my hard drive. I'm going to install plugins made by other developers later today and i'll report on how that went, I'm also going to post a scan log. (It has to be said that yesterday was my first time ever using Bandlab, maybe I got something wrong. I'm however quite confident in my knowledge of DAWs and plugin related stuff.) BTW, I've read up on other people having the same issue with NI plugins in other forums and none of them found a solution that worked so far, i guess this is the right place to ask
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