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  1. Hi I bought the AXE I/O Solo and its been nothing but a series of disappointments... 1 - Bought it used and could not register and download the software, but particularly the Windows 10 Control Panel & Drivers. Ridiculous that IK Multimedia wants the previous owner to pay $19.99 for a "License Transfer Credit" ... Just imagine having to buy such a thing when selling a car... More ridiculous when you buy it from kijiji or ebay. You have no way to ask the previous owner to do it... anyway drivers are not easily available. 2 - After a lot of coming and going with IK Support, they made me the special favor of allowing me to download the control panel and Windows latest drivers... Of course, eventual new versions of drivers I will not know about them, but I'm grateful they allowed me to download the drivers. 3 - Using it on cakewalk has been a disappointment. It keeps giving me errors while playing back a project... it seems that the combination SONAR & AXE I/O Solo cannot keep up and a constant sound "drop" happens. It may be a great interface, but my experience does not tell me that...
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