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  1. I am an extremely loyal Sonar user going back to version 8.0. Like many, I was burned by Gibson with the bogus "lifetime rolling updates" scam that was part of them trying to kill Cakewalk. I am just writing to say thank you to Bandlab for continuing to update and improve Sonar/Cakewalk! I switched from Apple to PC's years ago and have never looked back. Sonar has always been the best PC DAW. I guess I should start calling it Cakewalk, but old habits die hard. Anyway, Just want to let you know there are a lot of us out here that truly appreciate you saving it. That you have offered it free is almost beyond belief. It still remains one of the most complete and certainly one of the most advanced and sophisticated DAW's out there. I used to laugh when I would read of Pro Tools updates because they were usually years behind and most other DAW's were also quite a bit behind. Cakewalk continues to have one of the best sound engine out there. I know. I have tested it against just about all of them. I started with Sony Acid way back when, switched to Cubase but also tried Ableton several times (matrix view is like Live on steroids if you ask me), Reaper, etc. I switched to Sonar with version 8 after downloading a demo. The first time I opened an already recorded file I could instantly hear the difference between Cubase and Sonar. I have been a loyal user ever since. Thanx for the good work and the continued updates, bug fixes, and new tools. Thanx! e.scarab
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