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  1. I updated successfully but now my projects won't load. I keep getting an error. "Could not open file. The file may be damaged or incompatible with this version of Cakewalk. You may attempt to recover this file in 'safe' mode by holding down the SHIFT key while opening it." Can I roll back to the previous version? I sure hope so, otherwise, this is going to be a complete disaster! -Marc.
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering how I would go about setting up a dynamic delay or reverb with a compressor to kill the effect while the singer is singing but still have the fx trail after a lyric line or when the singer stops. There are plenty of videos to show how to do this in PT but since Cakewalk is a bit different, I get lost and it's not working as it should. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, ~Marc.
  3. Is anyone else having issue where ctrl + left click does not adjust all volumes simultaneously? You could before so wondering if it's just me. 🤔
  4. Marc LeBlanc

    Demo mode. Why?

    I just got that myself. I went into Bandlab assistant updated to the new version and now good to go!
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