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  1. My stress levels just topped 100+

    I`ve been working on a 20 track song for two weeks. Now when I try to open the project Cakewalk opens -- without showing any tracks --then immediately crashes....

    The horror of finding all that work gone. I can find the audio in the project files but all the midi tracks have vanished. There were some unique contributions included that can`t be repeated. I can try rebuilding the track one track at a time but I`m tight on a schedule.

    I just need to reopen the saved file.

    Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated. No sleep for me tonight.

    Thanks very much.

  2. When I drag the audio down to a midi track it ask if I want to proceed. I click...yes. I can see above that it is analysing the audio....but then nothing...


    Nothing appears in the midi track.


    Do you need a full paid version of Melodyne for this...?  Or perhaps I`m missing a step. Your help much appreciated

  3. Windows 10 desktop PC / Cakewalk version up to date. Keystation 49 Mk 3 controller.

    I`m not quite a newbie, but, boy...am I foxed by this one!

    I am using Kontakt Player and Sine by Orchestral Tools. But although I can hear them when I use the mouse on the on screen keyboard -- I hear nothing when using the controller -- although pressing a key is shown on the on screen keyboard. I haven`t changed any midi channel settings for any of the other VSTs I installed like Ample Guitars and DSK guitars and LABS as well as all the instruments that came with Cakewalk -- all of which respond perfectly to the controller.

    But Kontakt and Sine are not responding to the controller.  I`m assuming it must be a midi channel mismatch. 

    It`s driving me insane. There must be something very simple that I`m doing wrong. I`ve searched for days online with no answer. I`m hoping yu Cakewalk experts can point me in the right direction.

    (Someone mentioned the free Kontakt Player is like a demo version and only works for 15 minutes. I have not noticed this.)


    Many thanks.


    midi 1.jpg

    midi 2.jpg

  4. Windows 10
    USB mic
    44khz / 24 bit recording

    Device Manager: Sound -- Intel(R) Display Audio // RG6818 microphone // Synaptics HD Audio

    Audio inputs & outputs: (Headphone symbol) HD Audio 2nd output ( Synaptics HD Audio) 
    (Microphone symbol) RG6818
    Stereo mix (Synaptics HD Audio)

    Windows Sound: Output -- HD Audio 2 output (Synaptics HD Audio) my Bose speakers, I guess  // Input RG6818 USB Microphone

    Failed to get ASIO to work so now working with MME.

    I want to listen through headphones to tracks playing.......together with my vocals recording through the microphone.

    But I can`t hear my vocal in the headphones. Everything records just fine, but obviously I need to hear what I`m singing. To get round it I have to remove one side of earphones so I have the band track playing in my left ear, but can hear what I`m singing in the room.

    This is no way ideal and the condenser mic does pick up slight sound from the removed headphone.

    I assume it`s a driver or routing error -- but leave it to you, the experts, to point me in the direction of a solution. And as an aside: the same problem occurs in Audacity.

    The headphones are plugged in the headphone jack on my Bose speakers.


    cakewalk 1.jpg

    cakewalk 2.jpg

    cakewalk 3.jpg

    cakewalk 4.jpg

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