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  1. Windows 10 USB mic 44khz / 24 bit recording Device Manager: Sound -- Intel(R) Display Audio // RG6818 microphone // Synaptics HD Audio Audio inputs & outputs: (Headphone symbol) HD Audio 2nd output ( Synaptics HD Audio) (Microphone symbol) RG6818 Stereo mix (Synaptics HD Audio) Windows Sound: Output -- HD Audio 2 output (Synaptics HD Audio) my Bose speakers, I guess // Input RG6818 USB Microphone Failed to get ASIO to work so now working with MME. I want to listen through headphones to tracks playing.......together with my vocals recording through the microphone. But I can`t hear my vocal in the headphones. Everything records just fine, but obviously I need to hear what I`m singing. To get round it I have to remove one side of earphones so I have the band track playing in my left ear, but can hear what I`m singing in the room. This is no way ideal and the condenser mic does pick up slight sound from the removed headphone. I assume it`s a driver or routing error -- but leave it to you, the experts, to point me in the direction of a solution. And as an aside: the same problem occurs in Audacity. The headphones are plugged in the headphone jack on my Bose speakers. Thanks.....
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