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  1. too many actions, I already use these tips, and also hide all tracks except the active one with a key (standard function) but it is not intuitive and not so convenient and in this case the entire track is edited, not the selected clip
  2. the proposed function allows you to open the necessary clips in separate windows and, for example, return to editing the mix, and then immediately return to the necessary clips in a separate window, and not scroll through many tracks or do any other actions besides switching directly to editing
  3. yep, if you mean editing tools. the proposed function is currently not implemented in Cakewalk
  4. I mean separate editing of the selected audio clip in a separate window (not loop construction menu). this is the basic function of most daw like cubase, studio one, etc ... below I used a photo editor to represent what it would look like in Cakewalk. and you could open different clips in different windows, go back to working with them and quickly switch between windows the editing menu can be made with tabs. where will be everything you need to edit clips (in the photo I just added a middle mouse button menu)
  5. when I double-click on a clip, its open properties. I suggest adding the option : "open clip in a new window"
  6. subscribed to patreon but don't see how to download
  7. hi! it would be cool to see a feature like this: double-clicking on an audio clip opens that clip in a separate window. it will be more convenient to work with audio in large projects or the ability to open in a third-party editor by double-clicking. it is strange that at least one of these functions has not yet been implemented
  8. Hello there is there a solution for my problem? (did not open bandlab inside cakewalk) And... Do you double-click to open the audio clip in a separate window? very inconvenient to edit in large projects
  9. thanks for the advice but it didn't help. in my studio everything works fine with the current language, it doesn't work on my home computer
  10. hi! can't open "browse bandlab projects" and everything related to bandlab inside cakewalk a white window appears. I tried to reinstall the assistant and it didn’t work, reinstalling daw didn’t help either
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