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  1. I looked at Sonitus Reverb and I'm trying to match the settings from FXReverb. They are seemingly different.... My main goal is to get my 32-bit old stuff to work in 64-bit. So I need to get the FXReverb settings into another reverb that'll work in 64-bit. Any ideas about transposing the setting to another reverb that closely matches? Thanks! Lisa W.
  2. Awesome tips! I'll give these a try, thanks David! Lisa W.
  3. Hello! I just started using Bandlab's Cakewalk. I was a longtime user of Sonar's product and I'm trying to rebuild old projects with this new version. I'm running CWAF to find all my projects/audio files. But every time I run it, it crashes to the desktop. I've tried selecting different drives to search, I've run it in administrator mode, still crashes. Please advise. I've attached my system info. Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide. Thanks! Lisa W.
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