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  1. Thanks for the prompt response. Your last sentence saved the day. " There is a ProChannel on every bus." When I look at the top of the stereo bus, there is no way to open the module folder, but...when I look in the inspector track panel at the top, there is the module folder. Thanks a million.
  2. I was about to make this same question until I found your thread. So...I'm not understanding how you solved it. Is there a Vst3 version in Cakewalk? Or did you download a vst3 from Softube and opened it in Cakewalk outside of the ProChannel? I ask because my plan was to open Softubes Saturation Knob in a Stereo Bus to affect many vocal tracks, but the only way I can use it is through the ProChannel which would mean having many instances of Softube open which eats up resources. Thanks ahead.
  3. Hello forum: I was tracking a band yesterday on a desktop using a 16 channel snake from band to scarlett 18i20 and armed 8 tracks, focusrite control showed signal for all tracks, but cakewalk only showed signal for 7. I shut down the program and restarted cakewalk. Every thing went back to normal, got 8 tracks working in cakwalk again, and a few minutes later it stopped showing signal again but for a different track. It can't be a hardware issue because Focusrite Control plays the instruments through the monitors, and shows signal. Any body experienced anything like this?
  4. Snake worked like a charm, Over head mics with phantom power were not an issue either, which was the part that concerned me most. I ran into a lot of other issues; but I'll open up different threads for those. Thanks again forum.
  5. Thanks guys for the responses. Some one private messaged me saying: "Unless you’ve got a snake that’s very old, snakes will have no issues in carrying the 48v phantom power from the mixer to the condenser mic on the stage (or wherever the mics are located). Of course, the mixer itself has to have phantom power to be able to supply the mics with voltage, but if it does, there should be no problems with the snake/cable carrying phantom voltage to the mic through its XLR cables/jacks. " So between all the comments, I should be all set in whatever route I choose to go. I haven't been able to do anything with the band cuz of a death in the drummers family, so when the air clears, I'll get back to work. Thanks forum.
  6. Hello forum: I would like to record drums now that I bought the "Focusrite Scarlett 18i20" and to practice, I was going to track my church band first, and track the drummer later by himself. Here's my dilemma; Our church computer is in the back of the last bench connected to a scarlett 2i2 which is connected to a mackie 3204-VLZ3 via the 2 main outs. That would be fine for our purposes of live streaming, but for recording separate tracks, that wouldn't work. I looked at the back of the mixer for line outs, and there's a spot where I see 6 outs, but I want to record 8 tracks. Other hardware we have is a 12 channel mixer, and a 16 channel snake. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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