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  1. @bitflipper good idea, I should do that, its just that I wasn't done with the patches and I was going to mess with the sounds some more, but yea I guess I need to get into the habit of creating a folder of .fxp files for each synth patch in the future like you do. thanks for testing it!
  2. Well I am glad I spent many hours tweaking my softsynths, trusting that a simple unfreeze would keep the parameters of my softsynths! It was working as it is intended to but since the latest update, now all my softsynths are set to default. Including Native Instruments, Z3TA+2, u-He and many others. Lovely!!!
  3. hey there, that was me 😁 here is a re-upload for you! Groove Quantize Files
  4. YES! Been having this too in an older project of mine. I can't expand the folders. This is just recently happening
  5. So I just did a clean install on a brand new PC and only installed Bandlab's version of Cakewalk. I notice now my existing tracks are missing crucial plugins such as the Nomad Factory reverbs that are not included in this version. What I wanted to know, is how can I get this content which I did pay for into this new version? Can I just install that product side by side? Would it pick up the additional effects? What about the additional ProChannel addons that are now missing? Thank You!
  6. So I have used Drum Maps for years and years and today I am thinking of not using them anymore. They seem to be more of a hassle than they are worth. For example..moving certain parts around are pain in the ass since you can't use the track pane view (say you only want to move the percussion parts to another part of the song, you must lasso them in PRV to move them). I am also starting to think it might just be easier to have each drum part on a different track (same as if I was recording a real drummer with mics). What exactly is the benefit of drum maps and do you use them for MIDI drums?
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