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  1. So there are at least 2 ways I know of to control VST synth parameters. 1. Synth automation lane in track view 2. MIDI CC programming in either PRV or event list view. (am I missing any?) What are the pros/cons of each?
  2. ahhh yes I see now... that worked. Great idea! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  3. I guess if its a new track maybe, but I am editing stuff inside of a track which was played already, so its already inside a clip. Its not making a new clip for me just by making text events
  4. i notice I am not getting any alerts here but people are responding to my threads, and yes I have notifications enabled. Just started maybe in the past week or two:
  5. Thanks so much for the write up. I did try what you wrote above, but it didn't create a clip of any kind I can drop/drop around. Is there something else I need to do?
  6. Hello, how would I go about programming these so that every time I use the portamento parameter, every time it is the EXACT same values and shapes? I know copying and pasting the notes (selecting controllers along with notes) would work, but it's not always the same note, so that would be ultra annoying. Is there a way to just manipulate/edit the controller information post recording? Thank You!
  7. Unless there is a way to do so (which I searched for but cannot find), I would like to submit a request to use the duplicate (CTRL+D) feature but also LINK the clips so when I make changes in one, they apply to all of them. Is there a way to do this as of now even if it is more than 1 step? As you can see, I did it with the Tambourine track but the only way to do it is to copy and paste manually, which is not as easy to do as the easy CTRL+D option.
  8. I think it may have something to do with the way I am making these to begin with. I create my first Step Sequencer pattern no problem, but then when I move onto another part of the song (chorus for example), I want to create a new step sequencer pattern but it doesn't let me. When I open the Step Sequencer view it opens up the pattern I already did for the verse section. So what I have to do is actually create a new MIDI track and point it to the softsynth and create the new Step Sequencer pattern for the chorus in there, then I drag them to the same track. I feel something is buggy with this. Would you like a video of this?
  9. I just tried, still no good, only played the original 4 beats and nothing from when I expanded it out
  10. if you already created a step sequencer pattern and now want to create another on the same track, how do you go about it? It never lets me, it just takes me to the one I already created. Thanks!
  11. It appears when having multiple step sequencer patterns on a track, sometimes when bouncing to clips, the MIDI notes past the first point of drag extension is not processed. You can see this is going to happen even before bouncing to clips: BUT at this point it still plays the notes correctly, but when bouncing the step sequencer clip, the notes are actually MISSING!
  12. I would just route the different synths to one aux track and record that.
  13. I've tried freezing synths for years and sometimes Cakewalk doesn't remember the preset.
  14. I have a kick drum coming from a softsynth recording only from the left input as the sound is mono. I notice toggling the interleave button increases volume by about 1.5db, but not sure what it is doing. Should we be switching the interleave button to mono for mono tracks or does it not matter?
  15. Oh I see I am now on Build 175 thanks to today's update and now it seems to work properly. THANK YOU!
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