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  1. Is there any benefit for having both Nucleus and Areia Lite Edition libraries to make cinematic orchestra music? I noticed that Nucleus is geared toward fast epic cinematic while Areia is kind of for slower tempo, emotional music. Though Nucleus L.E. lacks legato, it does have a very good choir that I want to eventually add to a few of my tracks. Would it be useful to get both libraries to get the best of both worlds?
  2. Looking for some recommendations on reverb plugins for strings and percussions as I'm starting off making cinematic and epic orchestra music. Nothing super fancy or expensive, but easy to use for beginners. I'm currently using Spitfire Labs, BBC Discover, Intimate Strings and Epic Percussions as well as the free version of Kontakt Player. My future libraries will include Abbey Road One Legendary Low Strings, Nucleus, Areia and The Grandeur.
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