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  1. thanks guys the plug ins lists were very useful, although I obviously know whats in X2. It would seem that session drummer 3 is not in bandcamp. It looks like the current bunch of interfaces are all usb so I think I'll have to do some digging around for usb3 offerings that have latency like the layla 3g. I will get a new interface and continue with X2 for a while. I have never used anything in the last 8 years that has exposed any of the bugs so there is nothing urgent forcing an upgrade. thanks again.
  2. Hi....newby to bandlab I am making the transition from X2 and have been using cakewalk/sonar since the very beginning. I installed bandlab on my ageing win10 machine and it immediately messed about with some of my X2 settings so I uninstalled...I will redo the install shortly...In the meantime I have a couple of newby questions that I hope will move me forward. Is session drummer 3 in bandlab?..I have found loads of references to things like splat and command centre, but no simple answer. Is tts-1 in bandlab? my echo layla 3g has just failed in the area of midi latency...can anybody recommend a reasonably priced replacement that will equal the echo latency figures? the synth questions are not deal breakers but it would avoid me going back over 20+ years of projects in order to bounce midi tracks to audio before moving to bandlab....or retaining X2 for all the historic projects.
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