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  1. Hi there This has worked very well thank you for the guidance, using the Cakewalk ACT to map the buttons number 1 to 8. the mappign was easy to force the buttons on the controllers tab to be mapped to B1 to B8. Then in the options tab I have mapped each of those buttons to a command. And for future for those that are interested: B1 - go to start of this measure or start of prior measure. (this helps skip backwards a few steps to re-listen to a vocal piece) B2 - start/stop rewind B3 - play/stop B4 - start/stop fast forward (helps with skipping over quite bits if you see a visual long gap) B5 - previous marker B6 - project | insert marker B7 - split clips at now time B8 - next marker And thanks John I tihnk some pedals would also help and I will investigate more.
  2. Hi all, I have a query that I am hoping someone can help me with. I have looked at many videos and the general help but I am getting a bit stuck. I am trying to simplify an editing workflow/buttons for some long podcasts. Currently using keyboard shortcats for splice and markers etc. I had an idea that I may be able ot ues my Akai MPK mini (old one) and map the "pads" of which there are eight off, to do some basic functions for me. such as, pad 1 = rewind. pad 2 = play. pad 3 = marker. pad 4 = cut. That sort of thing. I could then listen through and split whilst playing and press just a few buttons in front of me. I have tried mapping keyboard to do global commands and the pads correlate to a note (starting at G#3) however that doesnt seem to work. I had some luck mapping buttons using ACT via a generic controller but before I spent another 4 hours trying I thought I would come and ask if anyone has experience with this. some keyboard even have stop/play/record so how do people map those to do global functions? Many thanks in advance
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