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  1. Hi @msmcleod I'm using Realtek ASIO driver and my Cakewalk - Preferences->Audio->Playback and Recording was set at ASIO. I changed to WASAPI Shared or WASAPI Exclusive. I started a new project, so far no more "Not responding" issue. Thank you very much for the suggestions! As you said, seems like it's due to the Realtek ASIO driver issue, but why though? What's the differences between Realtek ASIO, WASAPI Shared and WASAPI Exclusive? I have yet to fully dive into the functions.
  2. Hi. I'm having a similar problem with Guitar Guy too. I am able to open up the Cakewake app. Everything is smooth until I start a new project file, then it starts to "Not responding". Is there a solution to resolve it?
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