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  1. (EDIT: Ignore this. They work when my track has midi in it. My bad 😅) Hi! I'm not sure if this is related to the early access, but in my case, all the MIDI FX are not working. I remember these working when I was using the public version. Really grateful for all your hard work in making this DAW great again.
  2. Tried the PC2A leveler, it seems that the audio just passes through is without being processed, the VU meters doesn't even move.
  3. Just got it in this new update, don't have the premium Sonar plugins.
  4. I say let's bring the PC Concrete Limiter back to fix that message 😅
  5. Got this when I created an instance of the leveling amplifier
  6. It is awesome that you are bringing back some missing prochannel modules, I would love to see more!!
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