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  1. Audacity. Sony Vegas (a video editor). A tape/record. It's a pretty basic omission in my opinion. A bit like forgetting to put doorhandles on a car. A real shame, because otherwise Cakewalk is the best DAW I've ever used. Vegas does this, with the "velocity" automation lane, though I would prefer a "resample" option, where Ctrl+Shift+Drag affects pitch. Actually, there should be: 1: An audio process effect called "change speed" 2: A "Simple Resample" option along side "Elastique Pro" etc. in the "Preferences>Playback and Recording>Stretch Methods" menu.
  2. Cakewalk is great for musical purposes, but I'm trying to use cakewalk to edit sounds for a game and I find it strange that I a) Can't stretch audio and have the pitch go down proportionally (none of this elastique or any other complicated pitch calculating algorithm - just simply slowing down the playback speed of the audio and letting the pitch go down with it as if slowing down a record or a tape) b) Have no way to perform a sliding time/pitch scale adjustment on an audio clip e.g. performing the above adjustment to a sweep from 1000-10000Hz to make it all play at the speed required to get 1000Hz throughout. Basically defining for a clip a start speed and an end speed in percent. I think these would be useful features.
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