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  1. Thanks dude -- Your suggestion made me dig a little deeper. Setting the MIDI Track to SI-Drums had the same result; I did however figure out a whole bunch of new things having to try and do this thanks for that! If use the Cakewalk TTS one it seems to work great, so I'm not sure what is the difference with SI-Drum Kit (perhaps I'm hearing a problem where there is none). Also thank you very much for being the only person going to the trouble of making a suggestion -- that is appreciated more than anything!!
  2. Good day - apologies if I don't use exact or correct terms to explain my issue; any assistance welcome. For playback I sometimes copy Track 10 (Drums) from the standard midi and paste the notes on Si-Drum Kit which I added as an additional track; thereafter I mute track 10 and use SI-DrumKit for the drums (which to me sound better and offers FX. THE PROBLEM: When I playback the music there seems to be a misalignment on the timing - the music paying on my Roland keyboard seems to either fast or slow by milliseconds; when I play track 10 and the SI-DrumKit at the same time I can also hear that they are not exactly the same. MY QUESTION: Is there some settings in Cakewalk or adjustments that can be made to handle this problem? Or am I just being crazy. I'm running the software on a Intel i7 10th Generation, 32GB RAM and NVME HDD -- so I believe processing power is not an issue. The interface to the keyboard is a Roland (UM-One). Any suggestions welcome. Thank you! PS: I've experienced similar problem when playing with SoundFonts combining the Roland with PC Audio.
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