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  1. I already have an external drive just for that purpose. It died on me last summer, which is why I was moving to cloud storage. 😛
  2. Yep, I did that, and the bundle was opened correctly and the project is what it is. Thanks! That makes sense about the cwp. I suppose I never thought about making a zip folder of a cwp, I never gave it that much thought. Perhaps I'll buy a handful of flashdrives and have a backup of my Google Drive backups, all zipped files of the project files.
  3. Hello folks, thanks for the prompt replies! As @scook suggested, changing the file extension back to .cwb worked perfectly, and SONAR opens it perfectly. Thanks so much! As a side note, I am obviously a completely new poster here, and I am thus unaware of any cringe-worthiness of the Cakewalk bundles as your forum mythos or etiquette. FWIW, I have been using SONAR since 2004 (starting with version 2.2) and currently run SONAR PRO (have not upgraded to Bandlab, sorry [not sorry]). I've always felt Bundle files were absolutely fine for archival purposes as well as a mental signifier that says "OK, this track is complete. I can be done now." Project files are for something you are currently working on. Knowwhatimean? This has been the only problem I've had with a bundle, aside from a damaged CD-R that made the bundle data file corrupted. To each their own, I suppose. Regardless, thanks. Someone needs to tell Google Drive to get their sh!t together!
  4. Hey there. I have been in the process of uploading all of my SONAR bundles onto my Google Drive for a secure cloud backup, and I just noticed that Google drive thinks the .cwb files are all .wav files. You can play the file like a wav, and when you download the file, it is a wav, all of the audio data strung into one long audio file! Anyone know how to stop this or get my cwb bundles back???
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